Congratulations! CAMERA wins Hasby Award

Over at the Elder of Ziyon blogspot it is Hasby Awards season and the results of the winners of various categories are being announced this week.

BBC Watch is very proud to have been nominated in the “Best Mainstream Media Watchdog” category – especially as the ‘youngest’ of all the nominees – and thanks all those who nominated and cast votes. Hasby

The category was won by our colleagues at CAMERA.

“Besides having a stellar year with dozens of articles showing bias in the New York Times alone (and forcing many corrections), CAMERA also freely released its monograph on that paper detailing its bias during 2011. They were in the forefront of identifying systemic Christian anti-Zionist trends. And they also oversee their fellow nominees, the excellent CiFWatch and BBCWatch, as well as Presspectiva and a couple of other specific sites for Spanish speakers and college students.”

Congratulations to all at CAMERA on a very well-deserved win. 

Jobs for the terrorist boys: another obstacle to peace the BBC won’t tell you about

As noted here on several occasions, the subjects of incitement and glorification of terrorism on the part of the Palestinian Authority do not receive appropriate coverage from the BBC and are not among the factors it informs its audiences are “Core Issues” of negotiations or “Obstacles to Peace“. 

Hence, the millions of people around the world who get their Middle East news from the BBC (and form opinions based on the information provided) will be unlikely to learn of this follow-up story to the recent prisoner releases carried out by Israel as a ‘confidence-building gesture’ to the Palestinian Authority. 

“Palestinian prisoners, who were convicted of killing Israelis and then released by Israel as a goodwill gesture to grease peace talks, were given at least $50,000 apiece as well as a comfortable monthly salary from the Palestinian Authority.” […]

“Depending on the length of their jail term, the prisoners received more cash. Those who were held for over 25 years were entitled to $50,000, in addition to a position as a deputy minister or a promotion to the rank of major-general in the security forces, both of which earn them monthly wages of NIS 14,000 (nearly $4,000), Walla reported late Sunday.

Those who spent less than 25 years in Israeli prisons received a similar bonus as well as promotion to a deputy directorship in a government ministry or to the rank of brigadier-general, with a monthly wage of NIS 10,000 ($2,800) on the PA’s payroll, the report said.” […]

“Issa Abd Rabbo, the most veteran of the prisoners released, received a $60,000 bonus, with the PA reportedly also offering to foot the bill for a wedding should he choose to marry. He was convicted of murdering two Israeli hikers south of Jerusalem in 1984, after tying them up at gunpoint and placing bags over their heads.”

The subject of Palestinian Authority payment of salaries to imprisoned terrorists in Israeli prisons is one which the BBC has consistently avoided addressing in various reports on the state of the PA’s perennial financial crisis. Previous PA announcements of additional cash rewards to released terrorists have also not made it onto the BBC radar.

Obviously, the ability of BBC audiences to “participate in the global debate on significant international issues” such as the Middle East peace process is severely hampered when the BBC self-censors on such critical factors as the use of donor country funds for the glorification of terrorism and ‘jobs for the terrorist boys’ in PA government posts.

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New CAMERA office in Jerusalem

Mazal Tov to our colleagues at CAMERA, CiF Watch and Presspectiva who have moved into a new office in Jerusalem. door photo smaller

“CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, announced the expansion of its Israel operations with the opening of its Jerusalem office this week. The new facility will serve as the center for CAMERA’s presence in Israel and will enable increased activity in promoting accurate coverage of Israel and the Middle East in the North American, European and Israeli media.

Strategically located at a prestigious technology park which houses several major international media outlets as well as Israel’s Government Press Office, the new office is home to two CAMERA affiliates. Presspectiva, CAMERA’s popular Hebrew-language website launched in 2010, will share space with the influential CiF Watch, which monitors the Guardian and other British media outlets.

 BBC Watch, CiF Watch’s sister site, will continue to operate from its branch in northern Israel.”

Read more about it here.

News on the subject of media responsibility

Those of our regular readers who get their BBC Watch updates via Facebook may be interested to learn that the social media platform’s terms of service – according to which hate speech is prohibited – do not define Holocaust denial as hate speech. 

A petition organised by the Online Hate Prevention Institute now seeks to change that. See more details here.  

Our friends over at Honest Reporting also recently initiated a petition with the intent of encouraging members of the media to adopt the U.S. State Department and European Union Working Definitions of Anti-Semitism. More on that here.

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