Is Abdel Bari Atwan still welcome at the BBC?

Any regular BBC viewer or listener cannot have failed to have come across Abdel Bari Atwan. The Gaza-born editor of the London-based Arabic language newspaper ‘Al Quds Al Arabi’ – established by Palestinian ex-pats in 1989 – is a frequent guest on programmes such as Newsnight and Dateline London, as well as on the BBC World Service and Radio 4.

Some of Atwan’s many egregious comments and statements have made headlines in the past, but nothing was apparently too controversial for the BBC. Has he now gone a step too far, or will the BBC once more yawn and carry on sending the taxis? 

Read more about the latest outburst from Abdel Bari Atwan (also a Guardian contributor) over at our sister blog CiF Watch.


8 comments on “Is Abdel Bari Atwan still welcome at the BBC?

  1. Is he welcome at the BBC? Of course, why not. Do you think anyone at al Beeb cares or even understands what he said? They even call him Barry.

    He could say anything he wanted about Israel or the Jews and it would be like water off a duck’s back. He has the protection of being an exotic flower of the east – he’s not held responsible for his ‘cultural gaffes’. At al Beeb, they’d just laugh them off.

    But let an Israeli take him to task, you’d think the world was at an end.

  2. Other BBC Watchers News:The police yesterday launched a criminal investigation over the late Sir Jimmy Savile’s child molesting for 53 years on BBC premises:

    Duvidl’s conclusion: A paedophile ring was or is possibly operating at the BBC with the possible connivance or involvement of still-living BBC senior management. BBC Watchers await any criminal charges being brought but, if proven, criminal offences would lead to the end of the BBC in its present form. The BBC’s Royal charter comes up for renewal in 2016.

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