BBC stays mum on situation in southern Israel

Overnight, the security situation in southern Israel – which began to deteriorate once again on Tuesday – has become more acute, with dozens of rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli civilian communities. 

According to the latest reports at the time of writing, some 50 missiles have hit Israel since midnight last night – around forty of them between 6:58 am and 7:15 am. Three Thai farm workers have been injured – two of them seriously. Several houses in rural communities surrounding the Gaza Strip have sustained damage and school has been cancelled in the area. 

The ‘Iron Dome’ defence system has intercepted around seven missiles aimed at the town of Ashkelon and the IDF has managed to target several rocket-firing squads inside the Gaza Strip. 

There is, so far, no mention of any of the above events on the BBC News website. The BBC World Service’s news broadcast at 06:30 GMT (08:30 local time) did not report them either. 


The BBC has apparently woken up. Its headline?


Here is the BBC’s report.

According to updated reports from the IDF, the number of rockets which have hit Israel in the past few hours is now 68. 

13 comments on “BBC stays mum on situation in southern Israel

  1. Wait until they get news of the IDF reaction and Palestinians killed. Headlines will flash.

    This was by way of ordering fireworks for the Emir of Qatar

  2. It’s time for Israel to take the gloves off. How many more rockets can she tolerate? What about all those children growing up traumatised by a robbed childhood? If Netanyahu continues to remain restrained its time for a new government that will act accordingly.

  3. From the BBC website article: “The BBC’s Jon Donnison in Gaza City says Hamas is under public pressure to be seen to be resisting Israel, especially if its members or civilians are killed” I would ask Donnison not only for some proof of this ‘public pressure’ but also to stop regurgitating the ‘resistance’ mantra. Only in Gaza and the west bank has this term been so obviously hijacked and redefined.

    • “The BBC’s Jon Donnison in Gaza City….”

      And his colleague, reporting from the Israeli areas hit by rocket fire says……?

      Judging by the article – which gives its sources as Israeli media and the IDF – the BBC seem not to bother with first-hand experience or reports concerning the towns and people under Hamas rocket fire.

  4. I would only mention that NONE of the MSM here in the USA seem to be covering the current rocket and mortar barage. I only found out about it because I subscribe to the IDF news website. But I agree with the above. The Israeli response will get wide attention. Will any in the MSM note the cause of said response?

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  8. And yet I know plenty of Jews, including some who claim to support Israel, who don’t seem to have the time to address BBC’s repeated instances of overt prejudice, such as this egregious example. How many of these self-styled supporters of Israel take the trouble to write/call/email BBC and protest!

    Fortunately, we have CAMERA, but even that distinguished organization can’t do it alone. C’mon, get off your takhats and deluge BBC with complaints each time they pull a fast one like this!

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