Gaza terrorists renew rocket fire on Negev: BBC silent

Despite the ceasefire between Israel and terrorist factions in the Gaza Strip initiated towards the end of last week following a barrage of over 70 rockets on Israeli civilian communities, on Saturday night (October 27th) two rockets were fired at the Eshkol region of southern Israel. 

Subsequently, the IDF targeted a Hamas terror cell, apparently in Khan Yunis. Hamas’ Al Qassam brigades announced on Twitter that its member Suliman al Qarra had been killed in the strike and accused Israel of breaking the ceasefire. 

Early on Sunday morning (October 28th) three longer range Grad rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at the city of Be’er Sheva (the largest population centre in the Negev, with over 200,000 residents), prompting the mayor to close schools there. 

Currently, there is no mention of the renewed rocket fire on the BBC News website and it was not mentioned in the BBC World Service 7 a.m. GMT World News bulletin (9 a.m. local time). 


On Sunday afternoon, three more rockets hit the Hof Ashkelon area. There is no report of either those attacks or the ones earlier in the day on the BBC News website.

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  1. On the BBC Arabic pages it is reported with the headline “Palestinian killed in Israeli raid on Gaza Strip”. There is no mention of the most recent rocket attacks that preceded it, although they do mention the rocket attacks that preceded the previous air strike on Gaza.

  2. Incidentally that same BBC Arabic report refers to four Palestinians killed in an Israeli raid, without mentioning at all terrorists, and that they were preparing to fire rockets into Israel at the time. There is a link to that story too with the headline “4 Palestinians killed in Israeli raid on Gaza Strip”. Deep in that article they do mention that they were “militants”.

  3. The BBC was probably too worried about its former director-general, Mark Thompson getting his new job at the New York Times to report the real news from Gaza. One hour ago Sky News was reporting that, well before his departure, Thompson’s office was warned in writing about the late Sir Jimmy Saville’s child abuse.

    Thompson is due to sart his new, and obviously better-paid job on 12 November. At the BBC he was paid £835,000 per annum. Despite calls for him to be prevented from taking up his position, he had recently been cleared of involvement in the Savile scandal by the New York Times proprietor.

  4. Duvidl’s opinion:

    The written and emailed warnings to Mark Thompson’s office are suffient evidence and “probable cause” for a “Thompson-led cover-up” charge, i.e. perverting the course of justice.

    Moreover, if Police Commader Peter Spindler can find further written evidence that former living BBC directors- general were also warned of what the late Sir Jimmy Savile was doing to children, they can be charged as well.

    Former living BBC directors-general are:

    Alasdair Milne 1982–1987 alive
    Sir Michael Checkland 1987–1992 alive
    The Lord Birt 1992–2000 alive
    Greg Dyke 2000–2004 alive
    Mark Thompson 2004–2012 alive
    George Entwistle 2012–present-alive

  5. What should happen now, if Police Commander Spindler is to make good on his televised promise to those in positions of power and influence that “we will come for you”, is that the police should raid the offices of the BBC director-general and the extensive BBC archives to obtain evidence of the receipt of any warning letters and emails about the late Sir Jimmy Savile’s activities.

    If he can find that the sent written and email warnings he has obtained have been destroyed or deleted by the recipients, that is further evidence of a cover-up.

    BBC Watchers shall see.

  6. As the website BiasedBBC has observed in the past, where the “national broadcaster’s “reporting on Israel/Palestine is concerned, it’s “Half the story all of the time”.

  7. I suspect that future revelations will sink Mark Thompson and the NYT won’t have a choice but to ‘let him go’. (Poor diddums. Well. Not exactly ‘poor’).

  8. I presume the BBC news department is waiting for a military response from the IDF so they can frame their story around an Israeli attack on Gaza.

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