Operation Pillar of Cloud – Day 2

Operation ‘Pillar of Cloud’ continues, as do rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip – over 110 since the start of the operation at the time of writing – on Israeli civilian targets in the south. 

It is, however, difficult to appreciate exactly what is happening in southern Israel from BBC coverage. Whilst Jon Donnison is currently located in Gaza, and turning out fairly frequent reports, there is no comparable BBC presence in the towns and cities of South Israel. 

In this TV News report, we have Donnison – against a background of dramatic images – talking about “civilians caught up in the violence: the impact of Israel’s military might”. 

Donnison – like his boss, Jeremy Bowen – is still pushing the ‘it’s all to do with the upcoming Israeli elections’ theme. He also seems to be having a little trouble defining reality, claiming that Ahmed Jabari was “the man it [Israel] blames for a string of attacks” and “Israel says the strike [on Jabari] followed a wave of rocket attacks”. 

Perhaps if the BBC actually bothered to send a reporter to Sderot, Ofakim or Be’er Sheva, it would be capable of sounding less vague about the realities of attacks on Israeli civilians.

Below are pictures taken on Wednesday evening in Be’er Sheva after one of many rocket attacks: images the BBC is not broadcasting.


It would appear that as of Thursday, November 15th at around 08:00 local time, the BBC actually does have a correspondent in southern Israel: 

Also this morning: the IDF has distributed leaflets in the Gaza Strip advising residents to distance themselves from the sites of terror operations in order to ensure safety.  


Three people critically injured this morning in a direct rocket hit on a building in Kiriyat Malachi have died of their wounds. A baby is seriously injured. 

Here is the BBC’s short report on the above events.

“At least three people have been killed in southern Israel by rockets fired from Gaza, amid escalating violence.

It marks the first Israeli fatalities since militants fired into Israel after it killed Hamas’ military commander in an air strike on Wednesday.

Eleven Palestinians, including militants, have been killed in the ensuing Israeli operation. More than 50 rockets hit Israel overnight.

The Israelis were killed in a strike on a house in Kiryat Melachi.”

In fact, since the start of the operation on Wednesday afternoon, and as of 09:20 local time on Thursday, some 150 rockets have been fired at Israeli civilian targets.

Here is the BBC’s Wyre Davies promoting a specific narrative regarding combatant/civilian fatalities: 

 Hamas operatives known to have been killed include:

Ahmed Jabari, Mohammad al Homs, Esam Abu Meza and Mohammad Kusaih (possibly also known as Mohammad Hani Ibrahim).


The BBC’s Jon Donnison appears to be angling for a position with the Hamas propaganda department. 



The BBC’s Wyre Davies is apparently not averse to promoting Hamas propaganda either:


(No such missile was fired.)

In other news, it seems that the BBC’s sojourn in southern Israel may be coming to an end:



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  1. Jon Donnison is surely acting as propaganda outlet for Hamas spreading their message undiluted to the British public.

    There are no independent sources of news in Gaza and Donnison doesn’t seem to understand local languages.

    • The photo you will not see on BBC Watch: BBC staff member Jihad Misharawi carries the body of his 11 month old son Omar after he was killed in an airstrike.

      Today’s Washington Post features the photo on its frontpage.

      Why is ‘BBC Watch’ not reporting on both Israeli and Palestinian casualties?

      All civilians have the right to live and be protecyted from violence, regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity.

      • On another site it claims that photo was actually taken in Syria.
        And there is a big difference between an accidental death caused because Hamas hides behind women and children, and Hamas’ deliberate targeting of same. Sorry you don’t see that.

      • Gnat, why should it? The Pallywood productions team do an excellent job of that.

        I am glad you admit that Israeli civilians also have the right to be protected from violence, but when was the last time that the IDF embedded its firepower among Israeli civilians?

        If you smack yourself on the side of the head, you might realise that Palestinian casualties are almost invariably as a result of Palestinian deliberate reckless endangerment, rather than Israeli deliberate targetting of civilians.

        You may have to smack yourself on the head more than once, however.

      • Nat makes the mistake of reducing the conflict to casualty lists, without context, awareness of cause and effect, or the intentions of each side. Were we to reduce the Second World War to such a dumbed down and simplistic view, we would see that for every British civilian killed in the Blitz, we killed 10 German civilians. Obviously, Nat would contend that the Nazis were the victims of brutal British aggression.

        Grow up nat.

    • The BBC has Jon Donnison in Gaza, and Yolande Knell in Southern Israel.

      What does ‘BBC Watch’ mean here? That women are not a “comparable presence” because they’re inferior to men or what?

  2. How is the seriously injured Israeli baby doing? Could the BBC please do a report and Wyre Davies take some photographs, including a picture of the dead Israeli civilians, deliberately targeted. Also the report would need to include some context of how many rockets have been fired and where they landed.

    • No updates on the baby, but another adult has died of their injuries: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/162111#.UKStoGckqSp

      “The four were two married couples in their 20s and 30s. Several other people were injured seriously and moderately in the attack, including two infants, one of them just eight months old.

      The four were killed when a Grad rocket hit an apartment building in Kiryat Malachi. The dead were among a large group that had taken refuge in an old building [i.e., didn’t have a safe room] that [then] suffered a direct hit from a Grad rocket.”

      • I’ve been told by a workmate that the problem was they were just sitting in the living room, they didn’t go to the stairwell of the building (or wherever was the designated “least bad” spot in the building). Home Front Command has encouraged everyone to determine the safest place in their home or building if they don’t have their own safe room or building shelter.

    • One Israeli child was injured; two Palestinian children were killed, including an eleven-month old baby.

      Why is this website not reporting on casualties on both sides?

  3. Yolande Knell reported live on Today (Radio 4) from Israel during an air raid. I didn’t catch where she was, possibly Ashkelon. It gave some sense of what Israelis are facing. (See “keep safe” messages on her Twitter feed) – Daniel Taub was given a reasonably uninterrupted slot, but the general atmosphere was the same old same old. Despite the ‘800 rockets into Israel’ having been mentioned over and over, reports insisted that “It all started after the “assassination”.
    “How does Israel expect to achieve peace by assassinating people and building more settlements?” Humphrys asked.
    A Palestinian spokesperson said “We must defend ourselves from Israeli aggression”.

    • Wyre Davies, the BBC correspondent quoted in this article, also tweeted (while the news about Jabari was breaking but before it had been confirmed):

      “IF Ahmed Jabari has been assassinated by #Israel – it would place the delicate cease-fire under severe strain.”

      I replied:

      “Wasn’t the ‘ceasefire’ threatened by the 100s of rockets fired in the last few months against civilians in #Israel from #Gaza?”

      I haven’t received a response as yet…

      • Don’t be silly, ceasefires are only broken when Israel fires back. It’s part of International Law. Or something.

  4. BBC, as a typical leftist “news” arm, is part of the problem. For some reason the far left, (and increasingly, the moderate left) are more and more anti-Israel. This is true here in the USA as well. Almost no mention is ever made of the Hamas provocations. It is always the Israeli response in defence that gets the attention.
    Israel needs to stop playing nice. No one appreciates it in the West and the Arabs see it as weakness.

  5. Hadar, you are being tactful when you imply that the BBC makes it difficult to appreciate what is happening in southern Israel – from the bulletins I have heard, the BBC makes it impossible.

    I am worried for its grasp on reality – reality being a shared consensus of what is ACTUALLY going on there, rather than the irresponsible mindless, thoughts-as-facts fairy tales it puts out and which are subsequently embedded into what passes for the minds of the brainless and those lacking in analytical skill or the capability for critical thought. Given its influence, the BBC has become a dangerous organisation which is highly prejudicial to any sort of non-belligerence in the Middle East.

    • Babs; There is no lack of reality at BBC. The lack of fairness is and obvious bias is quite intentional. BBC has a long history of anti semitic/Zionist bigotry. And they make no effort to hide it. But you are right, they are dangerous. So is that other lefty rag, the New York Times!

      • Ethan, I think perhaps we mean different things when we talk about reality. I mean it in terms of what is actually true and objectively provable as fact. By such a yardstick the BBC’s reality is false and additionally pernicious in that it knows that it is lying and for a purpose.

  6. Rather than repeating the meme that Netanyahu is using the situation in order to win the upcoming elections, has nobody at the BBC thought that perhaps Hamas wants to mess up the PLO’s attempt at membership at the UN?

    Just saying…

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  8. On BBC Radio 4 yesterday Donnison opines quite openly that “this” all started because of Israeli’s killing a top Hamas “militant”. No mention of the 200 rockets last week from Gaza

    • Joe; While BBC is one of, if not the worst offender, most of the MSM is culpable. I listened last night to CNN Radio coverage of “Pillar of Cloud” While the story itself was reasonable (though morally equivicating) the Anderson Cooper intro concentrated on the Israeli response. Little mention was made of the cause.

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