Pallywood courtesy of the BBC?

Aussie Dave at Israellycool had a great catch concerning a BBC interview yesterday, November 14th, of Jonathan Sacerdoti (Director of the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy) regarding the conflict in Gaza.

Sacerdoti handled himself superbly, but note the “injured” guy (in the background video played by the BBC during the interview) at 2:12 who makes an incredible recovery by the time you get to 2:43.

Here are screen shots:

At 2:14: (Evidently hurt by Israeli air strikes and unable to walk, a Palestinian man is carried off to safety.)


He’s ok folks!


The BBC has apparently released a statement on the subject. 


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      • Nat, the responsibility for such tragedies lies squarely at the door of Hamas, which has been routinely firing rockets into southern Israeli communities for several weeks (not counting the years before). Israel not only has a right, but a duty to defend its citizens from Hamas launch squads, who ensconce themselves amongst civilians, then cry foul when civilians on their side get hurt (whilst they are trying to kill civilians on the Israeli side). Don’t you think Hamas shoudl ever be responsible for its actions – or the Palestinians who support them?

        Nat, I am beginning to think you are a propagandist. Couldn’t you find any pictures of Israeli victims?

        • Dear Adam, this is a website on the BBC.

          How come it didn’t report that the nine-month old boy of a BBC’s video editor was killed in an Israeli strike?

          • Noat, this website isn’t about the BBC – it’s about BBC bias. Nat, why doesn’t the BBC show Israeli suffering?

      • Turns out that the child was killed by a Hamas rocket misfiring – nothing to do with Israel. Surprise surprise – and the Nats of this world will always fall for it.

    • Of course its a serious Contribution.
      The International Community have been duped far too long regarding these Patheticl rediculous films the Palestinians make, ,to try and bring Israel down in the eyes of the Int Opinion. This is not the first time we are seeing such Pathetic Journalism, and with the Help of the BBC the Guardian and CNN The Palestiniens are able to get The Int Comm to swallow just about any gob stinking Lie, they wish.and you all fall for it.
      The BBC should be ashamed of their Amature attempts at Journalisme. Its shoking and Cruel;and Degrading for the Real Professionals Trying to get the truth out to the world about this conflict;
      But with Such Hating ,anti-Israel Journalism,, We the simple Folk have to keep an eye not only on the Palsetinian Biased Propoganda, but also on the World Medias,

          • There’s no Trojan virus…good try!! Let’s see how good you are on history. What was the percentage of Jewish people in Palestine at the start of the Mandate. Was it between 11 and 13% or between 13 and 16%.

          • You’re a fan of history, eh ” Dr. Jennings”?
            Tell me, what was the percentage of Arabs in Palestine, before they invaded in the 8th century AD?
            I’ll give you a hint: pick a number between 0… and … 0.01.
            Have fun stoking “resistance” — aka violence –, “Dr”.

          • We are talking about the modern context not 8th C AD history…..don’t go back too far,…if so inclined……. I could tempt you try the 12th C BC!!

            Seriously, you:still haven’t answered the question….I know it must worry you…being a good democrat.

          • And you haven’t answered mine.
            In the “modern context”, Jews make up roughly 75% percent of the Israeli population.
            Their numbers have just surpassed 6 mil.
            While you keep flaming hatred, they live on.
            Deal with it, instead of promoting terrorism.

          • It’s not acceptable in international law to convert a situation in the 20th/21st C whereby 11-13% of the population of a given area against the express wish of the majority become nearly 80% by a mix of ethnic cleansing and mass immigration of Jewish people wordwide and THEN prattle on about democracy. Mathematically yes….morally…no.

          • Again, if you want to dabble in Intl law., bare in mind the San Remo conference, the partition plan, and every other UN resolution demanding a two state solution.
            Also, the original inhabitants, the Jews, were indeed expelled against their will — that’s ethnic cleansing for you.
            Their rights — true to your heinous form — don’t concern you.
            Like I said, your position boils down to supporting terrorism, and trying to upend the historical record.
            The Jews, thankfully, are here to stay. Instead of encouraging their expulsion — against their will — deal with it, and urge peace with Israel.

          • I support the two state solution…..I thought you had agreed to look at my website, including its raison d’etre….. non-violent resistance. It’s all laid out there. Historically of course, Hebrews were not the original inhabitants in what is now known as Palestine. Clearly,the Canaanites were there in the preceeding millenium and various other groups in the 3rd and 4th millenium BC. But importantly, bronze-age mythology in the second millenium BC has no relevance to international law in the 21st century AD. Otherwise we all would be engaged in an eternal game of musical chairs. I hope you understand the importance of time lapse in these international disputes. We can only incorporate relatively recent history in adjudicating who owns what…. but not historical events of short duration (70 years) and at that disputed, going back 3000 years!! What would McEnroe have said.

            Interestingly, Israeli Archaeologists have found no evidence whatsoever of a widespread Davidic/Solomonic State in the 10th Century BC (see Israel Finkelstein’s website)

            I’m surprised you are so against resistance tho’. What do you think of the violence perpetrated by the Hasmoneans and the three major uprisings under Occupation (Roman), the Great Revolt, the Kito War and the Bar Kokhba Revolution. These were fantastic examples of resistance under appalling duress. They were just as much against Occupation as the Palestinians are today.

          • Wow… If the Palestinians have you for an advocate, they’re in serious trouble.
            First you claim to be against “violent resistance”, but then go on to support terrorism by citing the Hasmoneans.
            There’s plenty of evidence of Jewish presence, in the pre-Greek period. See Cyrus’ and the Maasha scrolls.(not to mention period coins, bullions, and stamps)
            Secondly, what about Pliny, Aristotle, Josephus? Your Arabs won’t appear for another 800 years.
            Finally, a masterstroke of back-tracking: when you find out that Intl Law doesn’t support any of your rediculous contentions, you quietly demur.
            Lastly, you’re not fooling anyone with your sudden support for the 2-state-Sol, after you’ve been exposed as a callous liar and dissembler. Amazing.
            The only thing you support is the ethnic cleansing of Jews from their homeland. And terrorism to boot.
            Stay classy.

          • If you took the trouble to read our articles on you will find that I’m not against violent resistance as a principle but in the current context of gross asymmetry between the Palestinians and the State of Israel, nonviolence is the only strategy that makes sense. Hamas expounds a policy of violent resistance but from a strategic point of view it won’t work because of the inherent power asymmetry. I’m against the Hamas policy. It’s horses for courses. Self-defence including the use of violence is acceptable if there really is no other alternative means of preventing aggression. Europeans used violence against Hitler…there really was no other option. At the person to person level I would use violence against an intruder in my house trying to kill me if there was no alterantive. We all have to judge the context as to whether violence is acceptable both morally as individuals and under national or international law….it depends on the ‘situation’…..but we have to accept the consequences of that decision. Certainly, the subset of ‘violence’ characterised as terrorist acts are not acceptable in any circumstance.

          • I won’t waste any more time on terrorism-supporting scum like you.
            You’re a disgrace. Israel will never surrender, nor falter on the part of its citizens(so much for your support of the two-state solution). Get used to it.
            You’re an “intruder” on humanity. Get lost, vermin.

          • Luckily, I had Kaspersky turned on – it denied access on the grounds there is a Trojan virus. Don’t go unprotected to that site is all I can say!

        • Dr Jennings, perhaps you can infrom us how many “Palestinians” are actually relatively recent immigrants from Egypt and Syria into Mandate Palestine?

          Whilst you’re at it, perhaps you can explain the ethnic cleansing of all Jews from the Old City of Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria bt Palestinian and Jordanian forces in 1948? Or the ethnic cleasning of Jews from almost all Arab lands at that time?

          • I’ll get back to you re your later points pretty soon when I’m back in the office but as for the first……you must have been reading Jean Peter’s Book….She really has become a laughing stock re serious scholarship. Porath dismissed her contrived evidence for immigration years ago. Surely you’ve read the primary data…. Get back to me if you want the primary references.

        • No Jennimgs, I haven’t read that book, I wasn’t aware of it – thanks for the recommendation, I’ll seek it out. Meanwhile, why do’t you answer? It may just blow your silly and uneducated world view to smithereens.

        • In addition Jennings, your question displays your true motive for being here – you regard Israel and her people as having no right to exist – you simply have no other reason to pose your question. So cut the BS.

        • Jennings, Hamas does not just talk about armed resistance, its charter explicitly states its objective of committing genocide against every last Jew on earth.

          You are a disgrace, and should be ashamed of yourself for coming out with such tripe.

  1. Where’s the continuity editor? There’s a kind of racism implicit in these photos: all Arabs look a like, you can’t tell them apart in a mob scene and so a Western audience wouldn’t notice anything.

  2. Streuth! Oh well, it’s heart-warming to know he made such a rapid recovery. I wonder whether the young woman in other footage whose hand seemed to start trembling traumatically just as she happened to come near to the camera has been as lucky …
    btw, Jeremy Bowen on BBC News at One today gave what passes in his mind for “analysis”. He also made the partisan-loaded statement that Egyptians don’t like “what Israelis do to Palestinians, especially in Gaza” – of course, had he said “Egyptians are highly sympathetic to Palestinians ” or something of that sort it would have been a neutral statement.
    He claimed yesterday on Radio 4 that the number of rocket attacks on Israel out of Gaza has been diminishing, although in fact their frequency, down in the immediate wake of Operation Cast Lead, is steadily approaching pre-Cast Lead levels.

  3. Talking of the continuity editor, Jon Donnison has been telling viewers that the 11-month-old son of the BBC’s Gaza picture editor has been killed in an Israeli strike. Naturally, as Donnison says, he and the father’s other colleagues are upset. But let’s hope this tragedy doesn’t enhance Donnison’s already biased reportage in the way the death of Bowen’s Palestinian driver some years ago seems to have reinforced Bowen’s

  4. It gets better! Just watch the healing powers of carrying. At 2:23 we see one fellow in an orange hi-vis carrying another over his shoulder. At the end of the shot at 2:34, the fellow being carried gets down to walk off. A miracle!

  5. It’s an Xmas miracle!
    Where’s Paul Mason, the BBC’s Anger & Protest’s Editor, when you need him… and anywhere but on economics near the UK?
    One man’s terrorist is the BBC anchor’s leader… um… ‘some would suggest’?

  6. Did the BBC take this footage themselves, making them complicit in the falsehood or are they merely guilty of inadequate editorial, as usual?

    • Steve,
      The BBC Is Accomplice to these Crimes,,This is deffinatley not the first time they have been involved in the Crimes of the Hamas.Remeber the story of the Dalan Kid “supposedly killed by the IDF,, well he was not; it was all a set up. They do it knowing fully that this is yet another PALLYWOOD remake of their films done in the Past ,all called “DEJA VUE”
      They are in fact up for Academy Nominations for the “The Worst Film” The worst Makeup “resembling blood,” and the worst Acting ever.

  7. There’s another Pallywood clip that I’m not sure the BBC has used. It shows a man wearing a high visibility vest, maybe Red Crescent, carrying another man over shoulders in a fireman’s type lift. As soon as they get to the back of an ambulance the man being carried is lowered to his feet and he promptly walks off, right as rain.

      • Yes, that’s the sequence. It’s a fire truck not an ambulance so they’re probably fire fighters – all willing extras in the Pallywood video shoot!

  8. The infamous Pallywood aside, Jonathan Sacerdoti had just a few minutes to state his case but had to compete with visual images broadcast at the same time. Cognitively speaking, It’s not always easy for some to listen to a message while looking at images that are not directly connected to what is being said – attention may focus on one presentation of information over the other.

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