BBC does irony and gets religion

Here is the BBC’s ‘breaking news’ report of the recent rocket attack on the Jerusalem area:

So, whilst reporting on a missile attack on a city it cannot bring itself to name as Israel’s capital (preferring apparently to use the term ‘holy city’); a city which is populated by both Jews and Arabs and contains sites important to three religions, damage to some of which could burst open a real Pandora’s Box of escalation, the BBC can still manage to describe the perpetrators as ‘militants’ and slip in the obligatory reference to Israeli ‘aggression’. 

Journalistic contortionists at their finest. 


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    • That’s the whole point of the post. The BBC takes issue with a sovereign nation’s choice of capital city, which will remain its capital city under any and all agreements with the Arabs (not that there will ever be any). It would be like Israel refusing to recognise Television Centre as the HQ of the BBC.. It’s pure chutzpah from arrogant bastards who have yet to get their head around the idea that they no longer rule the world.

      • Callen – well said! Funny how some people just parrot things without thinking it through. Jerusalem has always been the centre of Judaism, and is intrinsic to Judaism and the Jewish people.

  1. Ah, Israel’s capital Holy City. Time for a carol from Duvidl:

    Once in Duvid’s Holy City
    to the tune of “Once in Royal David’s City.”
    (Hat tip: Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-1895))

    Once in Duvid’s Holy City
    Stood a Beeb propagandist.
    At the Hilton, Israel’s Capital,
    Donnison will not be missed.
    Johnston and the Beeb know well;
    Leave Gaza to Yolanda Knell.

    DS Al Coda

  2. Duvidl’s Beeb carol above, second verse:

    Downing pints in Israel’s Capital,
    John’s safe from the BBC.
    Glitter’s todger up his tuches
    Would be his fate at White City.
    Propaganda by this child;
    A Glittery glans seems somewhat mild.

    DS Al Coda

  3. Aren’t you a bit missing the point? The BBC is hardly an Israeli media outlet is it? Otherwise why would bbcwatch exist? So if the UN and many other countries do not recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and/or choose to maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv, then why assume the BBC should present Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? That would be to show pro-Israeli bias, and as I’m sure you agree showing bias towards one side or the other is something the BBC should avoid.

    The analogy, of Israel failing to recognise Television Centre as the HQ of the BBC, while it would be Israel’s right, doesn’t seem a good one; since the particular status of that building as the BBC’s HQ doesn’t appear to be the subject of any international dispute.

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