BBC’s Wyre Davies promotes misleading information on Twitter

This is a cross post from CAMERA, dated November 15th.

“BBC’s Wyre Davies told his 9,100 Twitter followers earlier today that “nearly all” of the Palestinians and Israelis killed during the fighting today were civilians.

To be sure, there are some discrepancies in the numbers being reported due to the fog of war. But does he believe the Associated Press was wildly wrong in reporting that “a total of 13 Palestinians, including four civilians, have been killed,” or in its subsequent report that “a total of 15 Palestinians, including seven civilians” were killed?

Does he believe that even Hamas Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf al-Qedra, who according to Deutsche Presse-Agentur told reporters that “seven of the 15 Palestinians killed so far were civilians, and eight … militants,” is inflating the number of civilian casualties?”

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And, as you can check for yourself here, 48 hours later the misleading Tweet has not been deleted. 


8 comments on “BBC’s Wyre Davies promotes misleading information on Twitter

  1. Either Davies has an agenda, not to acknowledge his awareness of the positive intentions of the Israeli command, stopping the violence while not harming the population or he is just lazy

    • Wyre Davies is standing beside a crater near a school in Gaza. “Look! Israel’s rocket landed close to this school!” He exclaims indignantly.
      Exactly why this might have happened hasn’t occurred to him, because he is obviously trying to draw attention to what he thinks is Israel’s disregard for children. D’uh, as they say on t’internet.

  2. I have just heard Wyre Davies live from Gaza, about the destruction of Hamas’ HQ. He actually admitted that Hamas chose to embed itself among civilians and waxed about the destruction to properties nearby.

    I am noticing a distinct difference in the reporting of this today and that of Cast Lead where the “poor Palestinians” manipulated the media so consummately.

    Can it be that they have exhausted the pity/sympathy of decent, civlised people (as opposed to the mouthbreathing knuckle draggers of the loony left and of the sort who contribute to CIF?

    • In my opinion it’s a lot to do with the fact that Israel imposed a media blackout last time round – a good way to alienate journalists. But Israel’s ability to get timely and accurate information out to the public is also much improved this time.

  3. In another tweet, Davies put ‘surgical strike’ in inverted commas, implying that such strikes are anything but surgical. As opposed to the indiscriminate suicide bombing of pizzerias, shopping centres, discos. Did Davies not see the footage of the killing of al-Jabari? The car was driving down a road with parked cars on either side, and it was when it got to an empty intersection that it was t hit. That’s what I call surgical. Davies’ profile says ‘these views are my own’; his views clearly influence his job.

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