BBC website promotes Guardian’s Milne

Here is a screenshot of the BBC News website’s live updates page in its Middle East section from Tuesday evening (November 20th).

As you see, the BBC informs readers that:

“The Guardian’s Seamus Milne says in a new article that looking at the timeline of events, Israel is responsible for the military escalation that led to the current conflict.”

Well, seeing as the BBC has been pushing that theme incessantly for the past week at least, it is hardly surprising that it would promote the same kind of selective vision from a fellow bird of a feather. Not surprisingly, Milne’s screed also promotes another favourite BBC trope: ‘it’s all because of the elections’.

But that is not all that Milne’s BBC-endorsed article says. It also condones rocket attacks and other forms of violence against Israeli civilians, glorifies terror and even calls for the further arming of Palestinian militias. 

See commentary on Milne’s article here and here

Did the BBC employee who decided to promote Milne’s article actually read those parts? Did he or she consider that an appropriate message to promote and circulate to the millions of readers of the BBC website?  

It would be very interesting to hear what Steve Herrmann – Editor of the BBC News website – has to say. He surely would not invoke the wriggle-out clause ” The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites“. 

Ofcom Broadcasting Code – Section 2 – Harm and Offence.

BBC Editorial Guidelines – Section 5 – Harm and Offence.

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  1. During World War II, as 1.5 million Jewish children were being murdered, the BBC, as a matter of deliberate anti-Semitic policy, held its nose and looked in the other direction. Today, the BBC is actively promoting the murder of Jews. It really doesn’t seem possible, but the truth is that in terms of anti-Semitism things have actually become much worse at the BBC since the Holocaust.

  2. On an different note the BBC reporters lied about the IDF targeting the media.
    I’m looking forward to see their report about this
    Al-Jazeera offices in Tahrir Square firebombed, gutted

  3. I’ve just searched for a bio of Milne.

    I would suggest BBC Watch readers do likewise. Understanding Milne’s overall politcal stance has – for me, at least – been….. ……enlightening.

    • Let us not forget Seumas, the Wykhamist(Winchester College Old Boy) Stalinist’s 83-year-old Dad Alasdair. He was, of course, Director-General of the BBC from 1982 to 1987, at the height of the late Sir Jimmy Savile’s five decades of child molesting, partly in his own caravan at BBC TV Centre. Let us wait to see if the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Yewtree investigators (or any other investigators, e.g. journalists) might think of interviewing Alasdair. Duvid won’t be holding his breath. Here is some of Alasdair’s Wikipedia entry:

      “Alasdair David Gordon Milne (born 8 October 1930) is a former BBC producer who became Controller of BBC Scotland, the BBC’s Director of Programmes and then Director-General of the BBC in July 1982. His resignation was forced by the BBC Governors in January 1987, following pressure from the Thatcher government. Milne has said that he regards himself as, in a sense, the corporation’s last Director-General.[citation needed.

      EducationBorn in India to Scottish parents, Milne was educated at Winchester College in the county town of Winchester in Hampshire, followed by New College at the University of Oxford.


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