BBC’s Donnison & Davies duo bark up the wrong tree

In the eyes of many around the world, the British have long held a well-deserved reputation as animal lovers. Like some other  reputations, that one too may well have been tarnished this past week by Tweeting BBC staffers. 

If you managed to stay awake despite reading Jon Donnison’s seemingly endless Tweets complaining about noise disturbing his slumbers in a war zone (duh!), then you may have already come across the story told below by Brian of London from ‘Israellycool’.   

“So I’m not a representative of what was once the world’s most respected news organisation. I don’t carry the initials “BBC” in my bio. And it doesn’t matter how many times your write that your twitter account is personal: if you identify yourself as from the BBC in your bio, then travel to Gaza during a war on the BBC’s dime, we can assume what you say is going to rub off on the BBC.”

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22 comments on “BBC’s Donnison & Davies duo bark up the wrong tree

  1. In the circumstances, this seemed… apt..

    “Does your pet have a sense of humour?”

    From what I’m seeing of The Donnison & Wyre show, the answer would appear to be yes, and a lot more developed than some BBC reporters clearly in need of some R&R.

    If their employers don’t get them help PDQ I think that BBC legal fund is going to get dipped into even more soon for H&S unsafe workplace abuses.

    Nice to see the time-rich working hour trolling quibblers that make the BBC look even worse (poor ROI?) in their specious defences are not here yet… but I suppose it is but a matter of time.

    • 25 children have been killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, some less than one year old; 14 children were injured in Israel.

      I doubt Donnison and Davies have time to take care of your pets, Peter. They have a war to cover.

    • Peter, I cannot believe it… while children were dying in airstrikes on Gaza, some less than one year old, all you worried about was your stressed cat?

      • @Nat,
        When children are dying in Syria on a day to day number…according to an NGO on France 24 , the number stands at 40.000 and I don’t even want to know the number of children , what where you doing?….feeding your cat,walking your dog?..feeding your gold fish?..having nice hot sex?…..a nice dinner with friends?…just wondering.
        Because on Gaza all hell breaks loose when the Jews hit back…

      • But. The question was, Do you also have a number on Syria Nat?

        The question is designed to point your limited attention to what you know about Palestinian casualties in the latest round of violence conducted by Hamas and to your zero attention to casualties in Syria where Muslim is fighteing Muslim and where fleeing Syrians would never think of getting refuge in a school or mosque because both Assads forces and the FSA wouldnt think twice about collapsing a school or mosque on all those sheltering inside if they suspected that just one was a ‘hostile’.

        You need to examine your obsession with the one Jewish state in the world to the exclusion of far greater tragedies. Whether accidental. Or not.

          • Very funny and a clear sign that you’ved run out of things to argue with…then again…that’s also no surprise because an ideoligy build on hate is running out of facts to claim very fast…
            So…the question to Nat is still outstanding: Do you have also a number on killed children in Syria?
            Let me help you a bit so you can throw out a number…the total number stands at 40.000… many of those are children Nat?
            You stumbled over your self naming numbers on Gaza , so this should be easy for you

  2. If Sharon Udasin is a journalist, how could she accept to write a story on stressed pets while women and children were dying?

    • You might ask Hamas why they choose to fire rockets and mortars indiscriminately against southern Israeli population centres endangering others children in the expected Israeli response. Ask them why they have bunkers deep underneath hospitals in Gaza for themselves and their families while the general civilian population on the surface is left to suffer the consequences of their lunacies.

    • How dare you insult a professional female journalist doing her job?
      I think you’re just jealous. While Ms. Udasin works at Jpost, you’re trolling someone’s blog.
      Shame on you, and your misogyny!!!

      • I’m certainly not jealous of someone who writes stories on stressed dogs for the Jerusalem Post while civilians die in Israel and Gaza, 101.

          • Shame on you, “Nat”, for your blatant sexism!
            How dare you tell a respected, influential female journalist what she can, or can’t write about?
            I think you’re just jealous. While Ms. Udasin works at Jpost, you’re trolling someone’s blog.
            Shame on you!

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