BBC employee: “What was done by the Jews is a shame for the entire Umma”

Last weekend the BBC went to great lengths to publicise the tragic story of Omar, the infant son of BBC Arabic Service employee Jihad Masharawi, who died on November 14th during the hostilities between Hamas and Israel. 

Jon Donnison told the story on BBC Radio 4’s ‘From Our Own Correspondent’, it was also broadcast on the BBC World Service and in addition appeared on the BBC News website under the title “Gaza baby ‘only knew how to smile“. 

On November 26th, Jihad Masharawi’s brother Ahmed, who was injured in the same incident, died. 

A report from November 26th by the BBC’s Aleem Maqbool showed footage of Ahmed Masharawi wrapped in a Hamas flag at his funeral. 

The English language website of Hamas’ Al Qassam Brigades featured a report on Ahmed Masharawi’s death on November 27th. 

BBC Watch contacted the IDF Spokesperson for the Gaza Division who was able to confirm that a terror site in the vicinity of the Mashrawi house had been targeted on November 14th and that the known terrorist Ahmed Masharawi was injured. 

The footage below was also filmed at the funeral of Ahmed Masharawi, who is described as a “shahid”, by Hamas’ Al Quds TV

At 1:34 BBC employee Jihad Masharawi says (as translated from Arabic):

“Thanks to Allah, the Lord of the Universe, who chose him [i.e. Ahmed] to be a martyr, from all the people. What was done by the Jews is a shame for the entire Umma [Islamic nation], a shame for the West, a shame for the Arabs, who are silent. The entire war struck only the children and the innocent. They didn’t hit a single muqawim [resistance fighter], nor anyone who works for the government, or whatever.”

Clearly, Jihad Masharawi is not only lying about the facts of the conflict, but he also makes no distinction between Israel and Jews as a whole, blaming the latter for having “struck only children and the innocent”. The EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism states that one of its manifestations is:

 “Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel.”

It is implausible that the BBC – having filmed and broadcast Ahmed Masharawi at his funeral wrapped in a Hamas flag – is unaware of the Masharawi family’s connections to Hamas – a terror organization proscribed by the British government and many others.

The BBC’s funding public will naturally find it unacceptable on all levels that a BBC employee should engage in propagating lies and antisemitic vitriol on a television station owned and run by a terror organization. 



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  2. Donnison is involved in a spat on Twitter with Asa Winstanley who writes for Electronic Intifada. Donnison didn’t think much of Winstanley’s latest piece, and Winstanley has taken umbrage.
    In view of Donnison’s failure to check his facts before that notorious fauxtography retweet, I find this chide rather rich:
    Jon Donnison ‏@JonDonnison

    @AsaWinstanley Like I did, u should have stopped to think before u wrote your piece. Any serious reporter would have called me to get info.

  3. I loved this tweet

    “Jon Donnison ‏@JonDonnison
    @AsaWinstanley Your story was opportunistic,insensitive, ill informed & lazy. Your other stuff, even when i dont agree, is usually thorough
    2:20 AM – 29 Nov 12 ”

    So – taking this sentence apart we can conclude that for the majority of the time (“even when i dont agree”) Donnison agrees with the output pro Palestinian pressure group.

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  5. Leveson was going after the proverbial pimple on the elephant’s rear. The most powerful, corrupt and biased organisation is the BBC. It does not deserve the licence fees paid to it but does deserve to be prosecuted for worse than shoddy journalism and disseminating lies and propaganda. It is reprehensible that instead of reporting news it is partisan and presents the side of the terrorists. The BBC is the most dangerous institution to liberty and democracy. It is a leftist monolith which seeks to empower the caliphate in waiting. History students at the most insignificant universities which were colleges a few years ago are taught to question their sources so how can BBC account for the lies it puts out without evaluating the purpose behind the myths and stories. Deliberate and sinister but no it will not be taken on because it is all too powerful. Keep up the excellent work BBC Watch.

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