BBC’s Jon Donnison gets yellow card

BBC Watch can report that at the hearing held on Wednesday, November 28th 2012 at the Government Press Office, Jon Donnison and the head of the BBC’s Jerusalem Bureau, Paul Danahar stated that an apology had already been made – as required – to BBC readers for Donnison’s retweet of unverified and misleading material and that the incident was a mistake. 

Jon Donnison received a formal warning and was informed that any future transgression may result in the GPO exercising its right to confiscate his Press Card. 


The wording of this post was amended shortly after its original publication in order to correct an error of comprehension whereby BBC Watch had understood that Jon Donnison and Paul Danahar had apologised for the former’s retweet of a falsely-captioned photograph, during the hearing at the GPO. 

However, it transpires that no such apology was made – a point which, for reasons best known to themselves, the BBC apparently feels extremely compelled to make perfectly clear. 

Some, of course, may find it odd that whilst the BBC can make mistakes, others “lie”.


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    • Another FAKE information from BBC watch.

      The BBC did not apologize.

      Journalists do not apologize for doing their work.

      Freedom of the press is a basic principle.

      BBC Watch guys, you’ve lived in the Middle East for too long.

      • If you had read the article above properly, and knew anything about the curcumstances leading up to this, you would realise that Jon Donnison (eventually) apologised to his twitter followers and THIS is what the article above refers to. It does not state that the BBC per se had apologised to anyone – although they very much ought to have.

        • Will ‘BBC watch’ retract this fake story and issue an official apology for misleading its readers?

          • The story isn’t fake. Donnison and Danahar WERE pulled into the GPO on Weds, and WERE (metaphorically, of course)shown a ‘yellow card’. The BBC have not apologised to anyone, despite Donnison’s actions reflecting badly on their own integrity, and it seems they are proud of this. Which bit are you claiming as ‘fake’? (Please actually read the article before you answer.)

          • Dozens of journalists go to the JPO every ay, including the BBC’s.

            ll this story is wishful thinking. At least it’s entertaining.

          • Yorkie, the BBC never apologized, and their journalists went to the GPO office like dozens of other journalists every day, since this is the central office for foreign correspondents in Israel. Don’t their imagination run wild and don’t trust dubious sources of information.

      • Nice to see you think blaming Israel for everything and anything is ‘journalists doing their work’. And as for your stupid jibe about the middle east, you may want to practise your English. The first line is a mess.

  1. What was the mistake- slandering Israel when it was easily disprovable? From now on he has promised to be very careful to only slander Israel when it’s harder to disprove.

    • Some are born to manners, others have manners thrust on them. And with some it just doesn’t take.

        • Yes Babs, I am sure that these individuals, surly as they might be by nature, might be able to drag out a grudging or even a gracious apology when it is convenient for them to do so.

          However when confronted by a country that the institution that they work for has frowned on they are capable of extreme bad manners, as we have seen. How ungracious do you have to be not to mutter an apology when you have been caught smearing the name of a country? How ungracious do you have to be when you call your own deliberate use of a fauxto a mistake but insist that your enemy lies?

    • We have a small thing in Israel called Freedom of the press.

      Persecuting journalists is a no-no in Israel.

      Whoever wrote this article (he does not want to give his name, maybe he’s ashamed of working for ‘BBc watch’ rather than the BBC?) clearly does not know about Israeli law.

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  3. Time for a Duvidl celebratory song:

    Yellow is the Colour
    (to the tune of “Blue is the Colour”. Chelsea Footlball Club song)

    Yellow is the colour,
    Donnison’s “mistake”.
    He tweets Syrian photo;
    A pro-pallywood fake.
    The GPO will soon his press card take.
    A red card show, for Heaven’s sake.

    DS Al Coda

  4. Very disappointing. Why didn’t the government sling him out? It would send a resounding message to others who might be similarly inclined to doctor the truth to suit their biases.

    • Can’t imagine what would have happened to Donnison had this been the Hamas and not the Israeli Government Press Office!

      Well I can…..and it’s not as pleasant as being given a warning.

    • Babs, Israel is a democracy, where freedom of the press is enshrined in the law.

      A handful of jealous people bullying famous journalists cannot change the fact that Israel is a democracy.

  5. Found the following in the CiFWatch archives. It’s very apposite

    Always look on the dark side of the news
    Ignore the facts, if they come from Jews;

    You’re selling them a pup, so when you make it up
    They’ll still greet the silly nonsense with a smile;
    When the news is what you make it, doesn’t matter if you fake it
    It’ll settle into mush after a while, so….

    Always lie with a smile on your face
    Even when that lie is an utter disgrace;

    Writing about Jews will always make the news
    Lies and calumnies will quickly manifest,
    When you’re scraping at rock bottom
    Mention Israel and you’ve got ‘em
    Crank that up, and let the devil take the rest and..

    Always lie with a smile on your face
    Always lie with a smile on your face

  6. It’s interesting that the only Tweet from Donnison about this hearing at all is the one emphasising that he and the BBC haven’t apologised.

  7. Jon Donnison mentioned again this week, for the umpteenth time, the “asymetry” of the war with Gaza. Of course “asymetry” isthe one and only goal of any army’s offensive capabilities – Britain’s included. Britain did not limit its attack on Dresden to what it might have expected in return. But there is another, more obvious asymetry: only one side makes unprovoked rocket attacks on the other. Only that side specifically targets civilians. Only one side launches attacks from bomes of its own civillian population. And only one side, that same one side, amplifies its own casualties by offering is hostage citizenry no shelters to protect them from the legitimate response to the hostilities it – Gaza – initiated.

  8. For the sake of even more clarity, the aplogy, if it were received, would also be a lie, Mr. Kandahar. It really makes no difference.

    • I couldn’t get mine to jump. And then a frenchman came and ate it.
      Anyways the Beeb always seemed more of a slug to me.

  9. If it’s any consolation consider this:
    That both Donnison and Danahar, not to mention the BBC itself, are too ignorant to issue an apology when it would have been the moral and right thing to do under the circumstances. It displays however their true colours.

    But take solace from the fact that they all will have to continue swallowing any kind of decency and morality to pursue their appeasement of militant Islam, and bend the truth and their own real beliefs to carry on working.

    Deep down they have to know they’re sell-outs, no matter how much they will try to convince the rest of society that they merely follow the politically correct mindset. They will always have to mix in circles comprised by only those taken in by their propaganda, or have a stake in that agenda, not exactly the highest strata of intelligence.

    That’s just for starters.

  10. Why hasn’t this been put in news pappers and on the BBC news stations tv and radio to let the public no what has been happening . If this had happend to an Isralie corrispondent it would of been on every news staions in the world . This type of thing has been going on for years with the BBC corrispondents in gaza the west bank and the BBC who are reporting from Israel . There are things that I no for a fact that are going on with these so called BBC corrispondents it makes me sick to the stomach what out and out lies they are telling the world about how Israel is so bad . There should be a public apology not just on on certain Internets that hardly anyone nos about .

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