BBC whitewashes Jenny Tonge

In an article dated November 28th 2012, located in the UK Politics section of the BBC News website and entitled “William Hague says UK may abstain in Palestinian UN vote”, we find the following passage:

“In a short debate in the House of Lords – the UK Parliament’s second chamber – to mark the 95th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, independent peer Baroness Tonge said the Palestinians had been “totally betrayed” by successive British governments.

The 1917 Declaration, in the form of a letter by the then foreign secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild, is regarded as the first significant assertion by a world power of their support for a Jewish “national home” in what was then known as Palestine.

Baroness Tonge, a frequent critic of Israel who quit the Lib Dems earlier this year, added: “By making our government’s support for the UN bid conditional on Palestine not pursuing Israel through the ICC, is the government not admitting Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza and the West Bank and is seeking impunity for that country?”

But Labour peer Lord Turnberg said he thought the UN application was “more of a distraction than a help” to efforts for peace.”

The so-called “short debate”, which took place on November 28th 2012, was in fact a question posed by Jenny Tonge – as clearly shown in the records

HoL Tonge

Interestingly, of all the contributions made to the discussion, the BBC elected to extensively highlight that of Jenny Tonge, whilst   euphemistically describing her as “a frequent critic of Israel”.  

There is much that can be said about Jenny Tonge’s long and extensive involvement in anti-Israel campaigns and none of it is pleasant. 

Having been removed from her position as an MP by her party in 2004 following her claim that she might consider becoming a suicide bomber if she lived in the Palestinian territories, Tonge ‘graduated’ to the House of Lords in 2005 after having been made a life peer.

There she continued to use her public platform to promote offensive – and often antisemitic – tropes such as those of Jewish power, ‘apartheid‘ and organ stealing – with the latter resulting in her removal from the position of Health Spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats. In February 2012, she finally parted ways with that party after refusing to apologise for yet more offensive anti-Israel remarks and now sits in the House as a representative of no-one but herself.

Jenny Tonge is a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign – an organization which supports and enables proscribed terror organizations such as Hamas and has frequently dabbled in antisemitism itself.  She used to be a patron of the ‘Palestine Telegraph’ – an antisemitic ‘newspaper’ run by Hamas supporter Sameh Habeeb – and she is a “supporting VIP” of the Hamas-linked, flotilla-organising ‘European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza’. 

Khaled Meshaal (center right) meets British and EU lawmakers, headed by Clare Short (center left), in Damascus on Saturday. Tonge visited Hamas leader Khaled Masha’al in Damascus in 2009 (pictured here second to Masha’al’s right) and has made frequent trips to the Gaza Strip, including some at the expense of the Hamas lobbying front known as the Council for European Palestinian Relations

To describe Jenny Tonge as a “frequent critic of Israel” is therefore akin to portraying the BNP’s Nick Griffin as having a passing interest in demography. 

It is incomprehensible why the BBC should choose to highlight Tonge’s malicious fringe agenda – whilst whitewashing her shameful racism in the process.

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  1. “Having been removed from her position as an MP by her party in 2004 ….”

    You would help yourself if you were able to refrain from talking about things you know nothing about. A party cannot remove anyone from their position as an MP. Only the electorate can do that at an election. Except in the very rare circumstances in which the electoral commission may do so. This is restricted to circumstances in which the MP was guilty of fraudulent practice during the course of the campaign at which he/ she was elected.

    • It could be true. Anyway it took too long time for a so called mainstream party in the UK to distance itself from a neo-Nazi style anti-Semite shit like Tonge.

    • While Hadar seems to have confused Ms Tonge’s 2004 position as MP for Richmond Park and her then extra duties as frontbench spokesperson, the basic tenet of the article is correct:
      In 2004, Jenny Tonge was sacked from the Libdem frontbench position as the Party’s Children’s spokesperson following her ‘Suicide Bombers’ comment (
      but remained in the House of Commons an an MP until she retired from it at the time of 2005 elections. She was made a life peer and member of the House of Lords in 2005.
      In March 2012, at an anti-Israel gathering, she stated Israel “is not going to be there forever in its present performance”. Nick Clegg offered her an ultimatum to apologise for the comment or resign from the Party. She chose to resign the Lib Dem whip in the House of Lords.

      • Tonge was also rebuked by the then leader, Ming Campbell who said::

        “I have acted with the maximum powers at my disposal at this time. I have written to Baroness Tonge dissociating myself and the party from her deeply offensive remarks and what I believe to be their clear antisemitic connotations. I have asked for a review of the disciplinary powers available to the Liberal Democrat leaders in both the House of Lords and Commons.”

        • pennylan
          It’s come to something when Ming Campbell, himself no friend of Israel, dissociates himself and his party from Tonge for her offensive remarks.

          And yet in spite of that and so much more, the BBC still uses her as a mouthpiece.

          It almost defies belief, except that when it comes to Israel, anti-Semitism, the BBC has too much form.

  2. This dire statement, made by Tonge in December 2009, demonstrated what must be the inner Jenny.

    “The way Israel behaves is just not kosher. Jewish people should be totally ashamed of themselves that they are not doing more to stop them. It’s absolutely disgusting.”

  3. Interesting to seethe use of the word ‘apartheid’ referred to as an antisemitic trope.
    Surely this is a comparison with the Republic of South Africa where political supremacy was based on race.
    This also extended to other areas of society such as employment,land ownership and education.
    I fully understand that ( on paper at least) Israel proper does not conform to this description.However there are many instances ‘down on the ground’ where it does.
    Although not entirely.
    As for the situation in the Occupied Territories and Gaza,apartheid is perhaps too generous a description as the relationship between the whites and blacks was never quite as murderous as we see in Gaza in particular.
    So comparing Israel with apartheid ranges from a level of similarity to something far worse in many respects. What is antisemitic about that? It’s a statement of fact. You can dispute the facts. You can say it’s anti-Israeli.The word is nowadays considered derogatory.
    But,white South Africans didn’t think so. There are clearly a number of Israelis who would prefer to live ‘apart’ from their Palestinian neighbours.
    Israel itself was established with the specific aim of creating a society where the interests of one race would be paramount.What word can we use to describe that?

    • sprattyville,

      I completely disagree with everything you’ve said, because, frankly, it’s all bs. Maybe try it out somewhere else.

    • Sprattyville – The word ‘apartheid’ is not referred to as an antisemitic trope so your attempt to extract a twisted logic is a non-starter. The sentence says:
      “There she continued to use her public platform to promote offensive – and often antisemitic – tropes such as…”

    • Dear sprattyvill,

      You obviously have no clue neither of Israel nor of Gaza / Judea & Samaria. What happens ‘down on the ground’ in Israel is far better than how you treat minorities in your country, and your minorities aren’t threatening to kill you every now and then.

      In “Palestinian” controlled territories, it is them who are behind the hellish life lived there, you have probably seen the videos of how they treat “traitors”.

      Last but not least – you and your allies killed close to a million men, women and children in your decade long occupation of Afganistan and Iraq. You, under no circumstances, are in any position to preach to others.

      • I think you misunderstand. There is no intention to preach.You can if you want to. It is not necessary as the facts speak for themselves. For 64 years we have condoned the establishment of a state based on the superiority of one race over all others.For 45 years we have tolerated an occupation which in some respects is worse than Apartheid. Whatever legal safeguards exist,the reality is quite different on the ground. Yes there is discrimination against minorities in the U.K and in the U.S. We call it racism and it doesn’t go unchallenged. However we are talking about Israel and Palestine and their particular predicament.  You mention Iraq and Afghanistan.Are you aware that the Israeli Government has fully supported the illegal wars in those two areas? The racism that minorities suffer from in the West  and in Israel is the same poison which has fed those conflicts and the callous disregard for human life.


  4. A Baroness! How impressive! Hard to whitewash her – she’s already so whitey white white. A real “flower” of the Aryan race in just so many ways.

  5. The BBC whitewashes Poison Tongue Tonge because the new powers there support and continue to broadcast her Jew hatred, as did their predecessors. Here is a Duvidl song on the subject from February 2010:

    Poison Tongue (to the tune of “Robin Hood, Riding through the Glen”)
    (Hat tip: Carl Sigman from “The Adventures of Robin Hood” TV series 1955-60)

    Jenny Tongue, Poison Tongue, shvitzing in the Lords,
    Lib-dem joke, Tongue will croak slime, bile and eat its words.
    Feared by Nick Clegg; a Tongue-lash he’ll beg
    From Poison Tongue; up his bum; yum-yum-yum.

    (trumpet riff solo with coconut shell hoof percussion and whoopee cushion)

    Poison Tongue licks the crumb from the terrorists’ table.
    Scalds the lips of Lib-dem schnips.
    She’s no Betty Grable.
    Loves Jeremy Thorpe; at them we’ll gawp.
    Poison Tongue; takes a bung; upstairs slung.

    (trumpet riff solo + coconut shell cracking sound effect)
    DS Al Coda

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