Nazi analogies on BBC comments board

A reader has drawn our attention to a rather peculiar conclusion to an article entitled “Palestinian UN vote will hurt peace, says Israel’s Regev” appearing in the Middle East section of the BBC News website on November 30th

 “Hamas has not been part of any peace talks with Israel and does not recognise Israel’s right to exist.

Israel, the US and EU regard Hamas as a terrorist organisation.

Gaza’s Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh said in a statement sent to the BBC that Hamas support for the UN bid “is based on the ‘rule of non-recognition of the occupier’… and the right of Palestinians to return to their homeland”.”

So far, so good – although actually Canada and Japan also class Hamas as a terror organisation. But then comes this:

“In the aftermath of the latest fighting, both Israel and Hamas have joined the international community in calling for a durable and comprehensive solution to the conflict.”

Was that really written with a straight face? 

The same article was also opened for reader comments. Among those which passed the BBC’s standards of moderation  – based on ‘house rules prohibiting – amongst others – comments which display racism, abuse or are deemed “otherwise likely to offend” and  comments which are likely to “provoke, attack or offend others” – were the following.  









The BBC’s moderators obviously need an urgent refresher course on the subject of definitions of antisemitism. 

As the newly-released Community Security Trust report on ‘Antisemitic Discourse in Britain in 2011’ rightly points out:

The internet and social media are providing new opportunities for the spread of antisemitic discourse”

It is the BBC’s responsibility to ensure that its comments sections do not provide platforms for such discourse. 


23 comments on “Nazi analogies on BBC comments board

    • sadly, what passes for the leadership of Anglo-Jewry are more concerned about ingratiating themselves into the establishment and getting their knighthood/mbe/obe

    • Remonstrate?? How about suing them to get their taxes back that have resuloted in so much Jew hatred over the years???
      Noone needs the BBC.

      • I contacted the Board of Deputies and have received this reply:
        “We rely on the public to be our eyes and ears, and let us know about these kind of issues when they see. We will look into the coverage and decide whether to pursue this matter further. We have regular meetings with the BBC and often bring up matters such as this at those meetings. We do often find that complaints from members of the public are more effective than complaints from organisations such as ourselves, especially as it is normally the number of complaints which is the most significant. We would encourage you if you think it appropriate to complain in a personal capacity, as well as contacting us.”

    • This constant talk of Anglo-Jewry leadership!
      They can’t claim to represent the views let alone the interest of all Jews in Britain.
      There are many Jews in Britain who would agree with many of the sentiments expressedin the BBC blog.

  1. ” the BBC moderators need a refresher course on definitions of anti semitism ”

    There are multiple definitions ? Checking out five different dictionaries the definitions are pretty much the same save for a word here a word there.

    Hatred of Jews, discrimination against Jews, persecution of Jews etc.

    It wouldn’t be a long refresher course obviously.

  2. If the BBC weren’t so busy imitaiting Der Sturmer and fleshing out the techniques of Goebbels and the KGB about anything regarding the Jews, perhaps they would.
    But the time when they could be regarded as anything but the excremental mouthpiece of the Jewhating Foreign Office has long passed.
    The BBC is nothing but airwaves of hatred and lies. It is not a news service – it has its PR tongue stuck firmly in the nether regions of the Arabs, the Jewhating Foreign Office and thr portions of Governemtn that sold out the Jews and parts of Britain long long ago.
    Chris Patten, ex EU is but one of the minions responsible for perverting the BBC into the serving boy of the Wahhabi it is.

  3. With the passing of the UN vote, the BBC seems to have become ever more emboldened – Ben Soffa, secretary of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, was interviewed on News 24 in the BBC studio a few nights ago about the Israel/Palestine situation.

  4. ” the Jewhating Foreign Office and thr portions of Governemtn that sold out the Jews and parts of Britain long long ago.”

    Do make an effort to grow up before it is too late.

    • This forum is too limiting for a major, complex history lesson, plus I don’t really see why I should waste my own time on you.

      ‘Do make an effort to’ learn about the circumstances leading up to the British Govt’s involvement in, and those of its subsequent governance of, the region known as Palestine (1914 to 1948) ‘before its too late’. Also, find out how the happenings in Palestine, and in the British War Office, during 1939 to 1945, and the subsequent years up to 1948, related to happenings in Europe during the same period. Then you might understand exactly why Israeli / other Jews feel they were ‘sold out’ by the British government.

  5. They may say that the Internet and the Social Media may promote anti-semitism . But the Newspapers are limited to the journalists point of view . Whereas the Internet gives the rest of us , and our point of view . So as a Christian Zionist , I can say here. Long live Israel and stuff those who oppose her .

  6. It is not necessary to draw comparisons with ‘Nazi’ this or that when criticising the actions of the Israeli government and it’s military wing the IDF.
    Israel needs to be judged by internationally agreed standards of law,Judeo-christian morality if you like and what one might describe as ‘natural justice’.
    Set against any of these bench-marks Israel’s ‘achievements’ rank as an abject failure throughout most of the post-war period.
    Of course Israel is not alone in this respect.
    The United States and to a lesser extent ,the United Kingdom have displayed a similar disregard for human life,international law and common decency.
    So in one sense it almost seems unfair to single out Israel when everybody else in the ‘West’ is getting in on the act.
    The problem for Israel is that ‘the victim’ is so much more ‘ in your face’ than for the Yanks or the Brits.
    If Obama wants to take out a’terrorist’ operative with 40 members of his extended family,he hands it over to a spotty-faced 20 yr old on a play-station in Nevada!
    A ‘problem ‘is ‘eliminated’ with 39 pieces of collateral damage.
    Do that sort of thing in Gaza and the whole world is on your back!
    Still,murder is murder wherever it strikes.

    • If Obama wants to take out a’terrorist’ operative with 40 members of his extended family,he hands it over to a spotty-faced 20 yr old on a play-station in Nevada!

      Ah yes. How the delusional extreme US hating left is frothing at the orifice about the highly successful drone projects. For them, nothing must be allowed to prevent the Allah given rights of Islamic freedom fighters to kill and maim as many ‘Western’ citizens as possible. The very thought of a young drone operator sitting in air-conditioned comfort in Omaha and sending valiant ‘freedom fighters’ to their final destination evolve into huge knicker twists of agony that US personnel are capable of doing this without being personally endangered.

  7. Where to start….

    “Since the BBC is the BRITISH Broadcasting Company, and Britain is a member of, and governed by the regulations of, the EU,……”

    The ” definition ” is not an EU ” regulation “. It is the work of a bunch of self appointed parliamentarians. who got together under the delusion that they could redefine a word. The idea that the meaning of a word can be established by a few bums on seats around a table is ludicrous. Language doesn’t work like that.

    Having said that the definition that they came up with was pretty much in line with that of the dictionary compilers based on their observation of the force and meaning of the use of the word by the countless millions of speakers of the language ( the real authority ).

    The other stuff was addended later by an American later.This other stuff merely says that modern MANIFESTATIONS of antisemitism COULD include this, that or the other depending on the circumstances. Well this is true but so COULD ” the cat sat on the mat .”

    I hate to be the one to tell you this but if you asked Jack or Jill on the Clapham omnibus what they understood by antisemitism, Israel wouldn’t get a mention..

    I do understand how some Jews could erroneously feel they were sold out by first half of the 20th century British govts but that hardly equates to the FO in 2012 being full of Jew haters.

    Before you start handing out history lessons, complex or otherwise, do try to be less hysterical..

    • The name of Rowan Laxton doesn’t ring a bell? After being arrested and convinced for his hysterical anti-Semitic outburst in public he remains a high ranking official in the FO.
      Before you start to handing out your ignorant and condescending bs do try to read the papers.

  8. Oh well done you found one. How many people work at the FO ? Before you start generalising from particular instance do try to learn to count.

    Btw was he convinced ? ( I assume you mean convicted )

  9. And the beat goes on…

    UK and France summon Israeli envoys in settlements row

    2 Minutes ago

    So Israel condem the Palestinians getting UN recognition.

    Well for a country peopled by the Jews of Europe I find this astonishing. Considering their treatment at the hands of the Nazis I would have thought that the Jews would have been more compasionate. But no they continue to act like the Germans did in 1939.

    3 Minutes ago

    What a spiteful little country, just because the rest of the world thinks Palestine should have recognition they have now decide to steal enough land to build 3000 plus 1000 houses and other things they want plus tax $120 million in owed taxes to pay a private company. Remember someone did this in 1939 which the rest of the world is still paying for.

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