BBC takes leading slots in ‘Top 10’

Our friends over at Honest Reporting have compiled a list of the ‘Top 10 Media Fails of the Gaza War’. 

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the BBC ‘wins’ the two leading places. 

To see why and to check out the rest of the ‘Top 10’ – head here


6 comments on “BBC takes leading slots in ‘Top 10’

    • OMG! Honest Reporting!

      Forget about CNN, BBC, the New York Times, Guardian, Washington Post, Financial Times, Newsweek, Times… ‘BBC Watch’ has quotes from ‘Honest reporting’!

  1. Max Clifford has just made a short statement outside Belgravia Police station saying the allegations against him are “totally untrue” and disturbing to his wife and himself. He said they related to “1977, thirty five years ago.”

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