RTS Chief Exec flags up “culture of denial” at BBC News

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Although not related to Israel or the Middle East, readers frustrated by the BBC’s complaints system may find a recent article from the Press Gazette of interest. 

In a speech at his retirement dinner, the outgoing chief executive of the Royal Television Society, Simon Albury, reportedly stated that “the BBC’s news and current affairs departments are beset by a “culture of denial” in which editors are unwilling to “address things that are manifestly wrong”.”

“He told the audience: “So the whole top chain of command from the Newsnight editor up gets a petition from 20,000 people raising a serious issue of misrepresentation – and the BBC don’t plan to investigate because they haven’t received a formal complaint.”

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  2. That BBC ‘Complaints’ website is a bad joke. You don’t even get a reference number for your complaint, making it much more difficult to follow it up when the BBC inevitably starts ducking and diving rather than dealing with it.

    No wonder people take the direct approach to BBC management and editorial staff. I’ve sometimes had feedback from individuals (or their asistants) quite high up in the hierarchy simply by emailing them at this address: name.surname@bbc.co.uk

  3. I left a post on the Press Gazette site.
    The BBC, from the Trustees on down, have simply forgotten what they are there for. The organisation is out of control, and believes that it has a right to extract licence payers money and use it as it sees fit, being almost unaccountable for its actions.

    The Trust, which is supposed to monitor the organisation on behalf of the public, has gone native and become part of the problem, defending the organisation and it’s excesses, rather than investigating and rectifying issues that occur.

    The complaints procedure is so lacking in transparency and difficult to navigate, that any complainant is inevitably dissuaded from progressing a complaint.

    A public service broadcaster should be just that. In fact, it is a broadcaster that serves it’s top management.
    BBC Watch has been so effective at pointing out the arrogance with which the BBC operates that I have to hope that it will have started a slow but inevitable wave of realisation that just like Jimmy Saville, the BBC will lose it’s old familiar mantle of trusted affection and be shown up for the insidious, damaging and arrogant entity that it actually is.

    People make fun of Fox News, as if it was too over the top to be taken seriously – it’s really time that the BBC began to be seen in the same light – as an out of control publicly funded broadcaster that has become the broadcasting arm of the Guardian and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. One has to wonder what it contains that has prompted them to fight publication so hard, and at such expense. Either it’s something so damning that they were terrified of letting it out, or they have taken a bloody minded stand and the contents will prove so bland as to make everyone wonder what all the fuss was about.

      Can’t help worrying that it may be the latter.

      • Although this is the BBC we’re talking about, I would be surprised if it is the latter, cityca. How could a publicly funded institution possibly justify spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on what would amount to a petty snub?

  4. The “culture of denial” extends to an alleged 31 rapes by the late Sir Jimmy Savile reported by the police Operation Yewtree investigation last week. Some may have been carried out at BBC premises as long ago as 1958 when he first started “work.” The list of alleged paedophile and sex offences connected with this organisation goes on and on for five decades, none of them having been reported to the police by BBC officials or even coming to the attention of BBC watchers until October this year.

    The coming year will bring the results of Operation Yewtree and the various internal investigations. Will it lead to the demise of this corrupt organisation, as it should do in any democracy worthy of the name?

  5. Once this one hits the fan on top of what eventually escapes the Pollard report carpet the BBC is currently trying to nail down, there will be little money left in the licence extortion pot after more doubleplusgood hush money pay-offs, to even afford a Dad’s Army rerun on a loop over Christmas

    • Nothing much from Gnat/Spratty/RZ on this one yet? Well, what a shock! I guess it’s NOT defence of the journalistic standards of the BBC that actually inspires them, after all. I wonder what else it could possible be……

      • well it sent me to sleep. When I wake up I may have something to say. To be honest I am no more interested in the journalistic standards of the BBC than I am in last Sundays results in the fourth division of the Albanian basketball league. I find journalistic standards at BBCwatch much more fascinating. Ha ha @ ME

  6. This is what comes from having a guaranteed income; they can be as biased as they wish and do not have to take account of ethical standards of reporting. As a license payer I find this situation very frustrating. Yet if I withhold my license fee I am guilty of a criminal offence. This is so wrong.

    • 100% right AJ. Time for the licence fee to be abolished and then the BBC will have to sink or swim, based on its output. If the Guardian is anything to go by, it’ll soon go out of business.

  7. If only it could be covered by ‘denial’. In fact, employees ‘at the top of BBC News and Current affairs’ have a clear unwillingness to address things that are manifestly wrong’ because their radical delusional left wing view of the world excludes them, in their sublime opinion, from ‘making mistakes’.

    They are Gods unto mankind.

    When will the UK public wake up to what has happened to the BBC and ‘cut the heads off’.

    Only then will the BBC return to being representative of the UK public and not a camouflaged propaganda platform for the radical delusional left, financed by taxpayer money.

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