Upcoming BBC programmes

Readers may like to have prior notice of a couple of Middle East-related BBC programmes scheduled for Sunday, December 23rd 2012. 

At 09:00 GMT on BBC 1 (and again on BBC HD on Sunday, December 30th at 18:00 GMT), the first of a two-part documentary entitled “In the Footsteps of St Paul” with actor David Suchet will be shown. 

“In this first episode, David visits Jerusalem to discover Paul’s early life as a devout Jew and his subsequent, life-changing, conversion to the new Jesus Movement.”

Suchet prog

Also on Sunday, December 23rd 2012, at 19:00 GMT on BBC Radio 2, Hardeep Singh Koli will be presenting a programme entitled “Follow the Star” . 

Hardeep Singh Kohi prog


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  2. Don’t know about David Suchet, but I don’t believe Hardeep Singh Kohli is any great friend of Israel – as is common on the BBC, he may well have a little ‘dig’ during his lecture about the stars.

    • Thanks for this link. Duvidl now begins to understand. David Suchet, a convert to Christianity, will blow his own trumpet as a latter-day Saint Paul, courtesy of the BBC. He will, doubtless, also be ensuring he does not meet with any of Assad’s assorted chemical and other weapons on the road to Damascus.

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