BBC profile of Hizballah omits relevant information

As we have mentioned here before, the BBC’s profile of Hizballah is not only a wooly, anodyne portrait, but it has also not been updated in two and  a half years and therefore does not include any information on Hizballah’s role in the Assad regime’s brutal violence against the Syrian people or its involvement in the murder of Rafik Hariri. 

A recent article in the Ynet magazine serves as a reminder that Hizballah’s extensive involvement in drug trafficking also remains unmentioned in its BBC profile, as well as in the BBC’s Q&A section on Mexican drug cartels, despite the fact that some articles on the BBC News website have touched on the subject. 

In the name of accuracy, perhaps the BBC News website editors could add the updating of that profile of Hizballah to their list of New Year’s resolutions. 

33 comments on “BBC profile of Hizballah omits relevant information

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  2. BBC only cares that this terrorist group is anti-Israel/semitic/Western. So is BBC. that they ARE terrorists/assasins/murderers/drug dealers is totally irrelavent in BBCs world view.

    • “Hizballah’s role in the Assad regime’s brutal violence against the Syrian people”

      OMG… does Mr Levick have a SCOOP like journalists do?

      I mean… can you please provide us with facts and, more important than all, some shred of evidence? You know, that thing called journalism…

      • ^^^
        “Nat”, are you really paid that much for your shenanigans? Is that why you keep coming back, though you’re cudgelled, time and time again?

        • I guess any site that is pro Israel/Jewish brings out the anti-semites. I subscribe to many sites but none have the hostility I’ve seen on this topic. Many sites moderate the respondants. I hope that doesn’t happen here. I find it cathartic to debate these people. I also enjoy others doing the same.

          • Ethan, I admire your resolve.
            But you must understand that “Nat”/Shosh/Shoshana/RealJournalist”/Voice of Reason/&c, is just a paid hector here.
            He’s not really interested in debate, knowing full well that he doesn’t have a proverbial leg to stand on.
            So he’d content himself with “hit-n’-runs”, copy-and-pasting routines, hyperbole, and a great deal of off-topic nonsense, to create this particular phenomena.
            The only way to deal with pests like him, is to ban them aggressively, unremittingly, sans remorse.
            Don’t respond to his rubbish; I sincerely hope Ms. Sela will rid us of his(and his sockpuppets’) nauseating presence, once and for all.

          • Ethan, this website is not “pro Israel”. This website is pro-settler – it seems to support only the settlers who left the Jewish state and moved in settlements built in the state of Palestine in violation of international humanitarian law.

            Those who are pro-Israel want peace and prosperity in the Jewish state, so that all Israeli children can be lifted out of poverty and have equal opportunities in life. They want Israel to thrive and to access peace, stability and security. They work hard and pay their rent, rather than rely on state allowances to make a living.

            Those who are pro-Israel do not support eternal war in order to cling to a handful of settltements located outside the Jewish state, in the territory of our Palestinian neighbour.

          • “Our neighbour”?
            Delirious again, “Nat”?
            Claiming you’re Israeli, again?!
            I get that you’re spamming here, but do try and be consistent with your lies.
            You were but Swedish, last week.

  3. Hadar if you really want to have an impact you are going to have to move on from this ” by ommission ” track. With all due respect it makes you come over as desperate.

    • The fact that you waste your days posting tedious rubbish on every pro-Israeli website you can find makes you come over as desperate, too. Desperate for attention.

      • Hadar if you really want to have an impact you are going to have to move on from this ” by ommission ” track. With all due respect it makes you come over as desperate.

        Actually Richard, your continuing squealing and moaning is evidence of the effectiveness of Hadar’s repetitive exposure of the radical left leaning political (much denied) agenda of BBC staff. There will be a day of reckoning for the BBC cabal and those investigating their political bias and distortions will get a free short cut by looking through Hadar’s archives of this site.

        That is the true worth of what Hadar writes and documents.

    • Au contraire, Mr Armbach, Hadar is performing sterling service by exposing the BBC’s sins of both commission and omission (not “ommision”). At least as far as Israel and the Middle East is concerned, with the BBC it’s “half the story all of the time” (to quote another BBC monitoring website).

      • Mr. A is one of several extreamly anti-Zionist respondants to BBC Watch. As such he, and they, seem to be immune to all reason and logic. No facts are allowed in to there world of hate and distortion. It is those of us who support the BBC Watch mission who shed light in the darkness.

        • “the BBC Watch mission”

          I always thought it was kind to provide a perfect example of what journalism isn’t, and of what communication based on political bias and distorted facts is.

          All students in journalism should be asked to read BBC Watch to help them understand what they should never do if they want to be respected as journalists.

          • Sooo typical. Make fun of what you disagree with. FYI Shosh (is this Shoshana?), I read 20+ news sites a day. Including some I disagree with.

          • And you’re such a good, widely recognised journalist yourself, aren’t you Nat/RealJournalist? Which major media outlet do you work for, dearie? Still waiting to be ‘discovered’? Aaaww, poor wickie troll!

          • Yorkie; I’m no longer willing to respond to Shosh. I’m recomending we all do so. He has nothing to offer us but his poisonous hate.

  4. The BBC purports to be a news organisation but its sins of omission are in fact more blatant and glaring than its sins of commission. Here’s an example:

    When the first primaries were being held for the 2008 US election the World Service was obsessed with the Democratic primaries, to the extent that it devoted entire programmes to the first competition between Clinton and Obama while omitting even a mention of the Republican primaries, which were being held on the same day.

    But there was a far more grave omission: at the same time, George W. Bush was visiting Israel. I listened to the WS that day with growing astonishment as it omitted any mention at all of the visit of the Republican president of the most powerful country on earth to one of the world’s major hot spots, while lavishing attention on the first Democratic primary in a contest to nominate the next president.

    Time and again the BBC demonstrates gross bias by the deliberate, calculated omission of important events that don’t suit its agenda.

    • TrueToo; I agree. I only wish to say that it’s not just the BBC or Gaurdian. Here in the USA, (Yes! I am a proud American JEW/Zionist!) We have the same problem with CNN/MSNBC/NBC/ABC/CBS and in print almost any major paper you can name. The New York Times, (The Same Gray Lady that shilled for Stalin in the 20s +30s) Is as blatently anti Israel as any. Worse, they are the news leader in this country. Thus the other major papers and the TV and radio news not only determine what stories to cover based on the NYTimes, but take the political slant as well. Only Fox News Channel and the Wall Street Journal show an independent streak. It has been years since I have read a newspaper or watched TV news. So I view my 20+ Web sites. I believe I am well informed. And I will continue to spout off vs these racists to the best of my ability. And I have seen I am not alone.

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