Biggest BBC blunders & bungles of 2012

With 2012 having not been one of its finest years, the BBC is probably rather relieved to see the back of it. But before we round off the year and ring in 2013, here’s an open thread for readers to tell us what they think were the BBC’s biggest blunders and bungles of 2012. 

Up near the top of my list – if only for the sheer arrogance of it – would have to be the conjuring trick which enabled the BBC Sports section to disappear an entire capital city on its Olympics web page, whilst simultaneously creating another. 

Commentator BBC Olympics

The BBC’s subsequent ‘correction’ was highly unsatisfactory too, despite it having received official notification from the Israeli government as to where the country’s capital is located.

Tell us in the comments below what you consider to be the ‘lowlight’ of BBC coverage of Israel and the Middle East in 2012.

Happy New Year!


10 comments on “Biggest BBC blunders & bungles of 2012

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  2. Lowlight, or low life?
    The lowlife(s) of the BBC has been Jon Donnison, Jeremy Bowen and all their counterparts in the region.
    I hope 2013 will bring an end to them!

  3. The fact that the BBC sacrifices every human quality and virtue to appease the vilest and most barbaric mentality that is militant Islam is the biggest ‘blunder’ of this and previous years. Not only will they sacrifice Israelis to pursue their agenda, but Christians and every other religious groups throughout the Muslim world.

    That they succumb to the Islamic threat and are willing to threaten the values and aspirations that human beings have aspired to over many generations to achieve makes them scum

    It’s not just one example for me, it shows itself in every report and article on the subject, and is a reminder to us to keep exposing their scum agenda.


  4. For comic bungling I pick Dimbleby allowing Shirley Wiliams to rant on about Israeli settlements spreading all over Gaza.
    For sheer brazen maliciousness I go for picking from all possible questions the question which provoked it: “Does Israel deserve a future?”
    Maybe a better question would be: “Does the BBC’s political wing deserve a future?”

  5. For Cat, Grimace and Claws impressions, my award goes to Mishal Husain for her solo role in “Home-made Contraptions and Basically, Not Enough Dead”

    My Cheap Shot award goes to Jon Donnison for his part in the Manager Square production on Christmas Eve, He could have – and in my view, should have – overridden the temptation to make political hay out of Christmas in Bethlehem.

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