Erasing Gaza’s Jewish history with the help of the BBC

Readers visiting the homepage of the BBC News website on January 7th will have noticed the feature entitled “Preserving the Past”. 

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The link leads to an article entitled “Gaza’s archaeological treasures at risk from war and neglect“. 

Gaza archaeology

The article opens:

“Settled by civilisations spanning some five millennia, Gaza has been built layer-upon-layer since the Bronze Age.

As each era ended, its people left behind remnants of their times – churches, monasteries, palaces and mosques, as well as thousands of precious artefacts.”

Detail from mosaic in 6th century Synagogue from Gaza

So from its very beginning, this article airbrushes out any mention of one group of people who were among the most consistent inhabitants of Gaza, beginning with the Hasmoneans in 145 BCE (long before the religions which built churches, monasteries or mosques were founded) through the Middle Ages and up to 1929 when, in the wake of the Hebron massacre, the British mandatory authorities ordered the Jews of Gaza to leave. 

Israelis, however, do get a mention in this BBC feature. It is, according to the author, because of them that Gaza’s archaeologists have no equipment to take care of the antiquities and cannot attend professional conferences abroad.

“It is not only war that makes her job so hard. Israel strictly controls passage out of Gaza, for what it says are security reasons, and does not allow in machinery and other equipment which it suspects can be used against it by militants.”

“People working here can’t travel for training outside and we are only able to use local tools, which don’t allow us to excavate in a precise manner,” Ms Albetar said.” [emphasis added]

It is also suggested that because of Israel that the people of Gaza have, apparently, little interest in its archaeological treasures.

“Most Gazans are too preoccupied with high unemployment, poor housing and the restrictions on agriculture, fishing and importation to care about ruins and antiquities.”

Of course no real context is given either by the author of this piece or her Hamas-employed interviewees as to why restrictions exist or what steps Hamas might take to reduce the risk to archaeological artifacts by ending its terror war on Israeli civilians. Instead, this article is constructed in such a way as to leave the reader with the impression that Israel alone is to blame for the impending loss of historical treasures. 

The reason behind that becomes a little clearer if one stops to take a look at the ideological CV of the article’s author. 

In addition to this latest piece for the BBC (some of her previous BBC contributions are here and here), Welsh-born Ruqaya Izzidien has also written for the Guardian and the New York Times. However Ms Izzidien does not confine herself to the mainstream media: she also writes for outlets such as the vehemently anti-Israel blog Mondoweiss, the Egyptian site Bikya Masr, Al Jazeera, the Christian Science Monitor, ‘Ceasefire‘ magazine and the Lebanese site Al Akhbar which includes among its editors a member of the organizing body of the March 2012 ‘Global March to Jerusalem’, Rami Zurayk. Her work has even been picked up and reproduced by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Ikhwanweb and Occupied Palestine

al akhbar zurayk

Inevitably, Ruqaya Izzidien’s writings on Gaza-related subjects paint context-free, monochrome portraits of helpless Palestinians just trying their best to get along under the yoke of Israeli restrictions, and without any agency of their own. This latest piece for the BBC is no exception.

Does the BBC really think it appropriate to reduce the standard of its reporting even further by providing a platform for the kind of ideologically-motivated polemics which are to be found in abundance on anti-Israel sites such as those which already publish Ms Izzidien’s work? 

25 comments on “Erasing Gaza’s Jewish history with the help of the BBC

  1. Thank you for this glaring example of the BBC’s shameless alliance with Guardianista propagandists. This disgraceful feature really should be protested at the highet level.

    • The Israeli settlements in Gaza were built in contravention of international law. All the settlers living in these settlements knew that they were not living in Israel, but in the territory of Palestine. They had to move back to Israel eventually, like any settler in the world – British settlers in India, British settlers in Kenya, French settlers in Algeria…

      • Isaac, the Jewish settlement we are talking about is pre-1929 and ancient times. I think you should read before making you comments.

    • BBC Watch: erasing Palestinian history from the Middle-East

      700 000 Palestinians were forced to flee their homes and lands by Israeli forces in 1948. When will Ms Hadar Sela write about this tragedy and encourage Israelis to acknowledge what happened, as a first step on the road to peace and coexistence between the Jewish and the Palestinian states?

      • When will you stop trolling, and sockpuppetting, eh, “Nat”?
        On the upside though, you’re running out of Hebrew-sounding names…
        Quit spamming, moron

  2. Thanks; as already noted your forensic work on this is superb – the kind of work we might hope for from a real reporter as opposed to the “journalists” found at the Beeb.

  3. “Erasing Gaza’s Jewish history”…. ???? You, British are such a f…. hypocrites. You’ve erased the almost The People of Palestine…

  4. Lets not forget, history starts with Islam. They have destroyed pre Islamic artifacts or Islamized them where ever they’ve gone. A major Sulafi cleric is calling for the destruction of the Pyramids and Sphynx. Remember the Talibans destruction of the Afgan Budda’s! Being Jewish artifacts in Gaza just give them a little extra incentive.

  5. There was a synagogue in Maiumas on the coast but when Egyptian ‘archaeologists’ discovered it in 1965 they defaced a mosaic which depicted David. The synagogue was built in 508-509 CE.

  6. My avatar which replicates Hadar’s image above is part of a mosaic floor, the remnants of which were removed to Jerusalem for safekeeping.

    Did the BBC cover the Muslim crimes against humanity carried out by the Waqf? Artefacts proving Jewish history had to be rescued in fragments from a rubbish dump when the Waqf excavated Temple Mount. Like whoever in WWII dismantled and stole the Amber Room – and the various other Muslim atrocities named above – such destruction really is a crime against humanity, “achieved” without a single death.

    I suspect the answer to my question is, “Did it hell!”

    • “Did the BBC cover the Muslim crimes against humanity carried out by the Waqf?”

      You may want to go to law school before posting absurd comments. Crimes against humanity is a very specific crime, the one which was committed by Nazis when they carryied out the genocide against millions of Jew in Europe in the 40s.

      SHAME ON YOU for instrumentalizing the millions of people who were killed by Nazis so as to push your own political agenda forward. !

    • The Waqf destroyed Jewish artefact when they excavated the Temple Mount / Haram Al Sharif.

      The Israeli army razed the Medieval Magrehbi quarter to the ground when they captured the Old City in 1967.

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