BBC silent on weapons smuggling to Gaza

On January 4th 2013 the Ma’an News Agency and Associated Press both reported the seizure of weapons on route to the Gaza Strip by the Egyptian authorities in the El Arish area of Sinai. 

“Egyptian authorities seized six U.S.-made missiles in the Sinai Peninsula Friday that security officials said were likely smuggled from Libya and bound for the Gaza Strip. […]

Security officials said that police working on a tip from local Bedouin discovered the six U.S.-made missiles hidden in a hole in the desert outside the northern Sinai city of el-Arish before dawn on Friday. They said the anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles have a range of up to two kilometers (one mile). […]

Last month, security officials seized 17 French-made missiles near el-Arish […] before they could be smuggled through tunnels to the Gaza Strip.”

The BBC has reported nothing of this. Once again, the repeated failure to report incidents which contribute to a build up of tension means that if and when Israel is obliged to react to events resulting from terror organisations rearming themselves, BBC audiences will have no idea of their context or background.


8 comments on “BBC silent on weapons smuggling to Gaza

  1. Omission, neglect to report and turning a blind eye, are fundamental tools in the BBC anti-Israel propaganda machine. Let us not forget how the BBC failed to report the barbaric massacre of the Vogel family, including the near-beheading of the baby.

  2. BBC considers Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups “freedom fighters”. Thus there aquisition of these missiles is justified and thus not newsworthy.

    • Precisely. The “Resistance” and all that rot. If the BBC did report the interception of these weapons it would be in tones of disappointment that the Egyptians are continuing to collaborate with the evil Zionists.

  3. Despite revealing the obvious that Hamas continues to smuggle in weapons with the intention to strike Israel, the newspaper report highlights a few other facets:
    1. The Sinai Bedouins are not sympathetic to the Hamas cause.
    2. Despite justified concerns about the present Egyptian government intentions to abide by previous agreements with Israel, it is still trying to limit the smuggling of weapons by Hamas.
    3. Libya is a prime supplier of weapons to Hamas.

    Does each of these facts contribute to the public understanding of reality in this region, and what might contribute to future events? Of course it does!

    So what does it say about the BBC which likes to believe it is a respected media outlet, that omits reporting it?

  4. What is all the fuss about? Hamas is under attack from the bravest army in the universe and need weapons to defend themselves. So-called Israel won’t give them guns so they have smuggle them in somehow or other. they might be terrorists but they’re still human beings!


    • Brattyville; I have in the past defended comments from those with differing opinions. “So called Israel”! And terrorists who seek to kill children have lost the claim to being human! So in your case, I make an exception. I hope you are blocked from this site.

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