BBC quotes Holocaust-denying terrorist-run website

One of the BBC’s many post-election articles appearing in the Middle East section of the BBC News website on January 23rd 2013 was an item entitled “Israeli press considers Netanyahu ‘failure’ ” which presented a round-up of local reactions to the results of the poll. 

Israeli press article

The article – produced by BBC Monitoring – highlighted quotes from articles appearing in several of Israel’s leading newspapers – including Ha’aretz, Yediot Aharonot, Ma’ariv, The Jerusalem Post and Israel HaYom. 

However, for some reason – and despite the title – the writer also considered it worthwhile to quote two non-Israeli sources which were described as being “Palestinian newspapers”.

Filastin & Al Quds

Al Quds has frequently been criticised for its antisemitic content, including its 1997 promotion of the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Ziyon’ as fact. Here is one of its more recent cartoons: 

Al Quds cartoon

The Hamas-run website ‘Filastin’ has, as may be expected, supported terrorism against Israeli civilians and published commentary condemning a visit by a PA official to Auschwitz in 2012 which included the statement:

“What is the wisdom in such a simple step that supports the Jews and their crimes?… Neither the Jews nor we believe that Hitler killed six millions Jews,” 

Does the BBC really think that it contributes anything to its audiences’ understanding of the Middle East by reproducing opinions from terror-supporting antisemitic outlets alongside those from legitimate members of the media? 

And perhaps – with Holocaust Memorial Day approaching –  BBC Monitoring and the Editor of the BBC News website could find the time to explain to their licence fee-paying funders why they consider the promotion of material from a Holocaust-denying website appropriate. 


8 comments on “BBC quotes Holocaust-denying terrorist-run website

  1. While the BBC continues with an editorial policy that promotes/supports the delegitimisation and demonisation of Israel and the BBC trust has at its head such a strong proponent of these views we should not hold our breath waiting for a change in approach. I believe that it will only become more strident.

    • This is undoubtedly true, but, as Heraclitus said, “if you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it.” After all, who would have thought, 14 months ago, that the unceasing tragedy of the BBC Savile-paedo-caravan club and its progenitors would have been exposed, causing plummeting trust in this corrupt corporation.

      Here are just three possible unexpected scenarios:

      1) Her Majesty the Queen refuses to renew the BBC’s Royal Charter in 2016.
      2) Some BBC Trust big hitters become personally implicated in the Savile tragedy.
      3) A popular groundswell of Brits lobbies Parliament to cancel or reduce the extortionate one hundred and forty pounds and fifty pence annual television tax licence fee and the BBC goes bust or turns into the UK equivalent of US public service broadcasting, with very few viewers.

      Meanwhile, Duvidl highly recommends free-to-air Sky News on TV, which last night showed a very revealing exposee of Muslim vigilante patrols in East London, intimidating passers-by not dressed as they would have wanted into leaving what they termed “Muslim areas.” The police are asking for witnesses. Sky’s Tim Marshall is also much better on Israel than the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen.

        • Sky News is also on the ball today with a third headline news story about Jew-hating comments by liberal democrat MP David Ward, which he is refusing to take down from his website after being called into the lib dems’ whips’ office yesterday.

          Duvid cannot tell you whether Sky has been first to the punch over the BBC with this significant story, but on switching channels to BBC 1 he found a boring-voiced commentator detailing a lengthy story about repairs to the London Underground. He immediately switched back to Sky to hear the pertinent reflections of the Sky political correspondent on the David Ward story, linking it to George Galloway MP. Duvidl’s conclusion: watch Sky, not the BBC.

  2. Throughout history there have been many ‘kingdoms’ that have fallen . Most of them have been anti-semitic . Praying that the BBC will not be long before they crash . We who finance them have to put up with their lies . Well I have had enough. We can moan , we can complain . But the best solution is prayer . LORD do something pleeeeeeeeeeez .

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