BBC ignores significant EU court ruling

Well, I’ve looked and looked and nowhere in the Europe section of the BBC News website can I find it. 

Europe 7 2

Neither is it on the special European Union-dedicated “Inside Europe” page, or on the Middle East page, and a Google search did not turn up anything on the BBC’s website even vaguely connected to the subject from more recently than 2006

Inside Europe

What am I looking for? A BBC report on this announcement from earlier in the week:

“A European Union court has ruled that the EU should lift sanctions it imposed on one of Iran’s largest banks, the second such judgment that could complicate Western efforts to increase pressure on the Islamic Republic.

The ruling further weakens the EU’s sanctions regime imposed against Iran’s nuclear program, just weeks before six powers are due to resume stalled negotiations with Iran aimed at addressing fears that Tehran is seeking the bomb.”

The ruling can be read here

The fact that the BBC’s Europe editor can apparently consider such a decision unimportant enough to report – particularly at this time – is quite mind-boggling. 

5 comments on “BBC ignores significant EU court ruling

  1. How on earth can three people of little repute and possibly no knowledge of the wider issues relating to the catastrophe Iran will vent on the world make a decision against the democratically elected representatives of the citizens of Europe? And then the BBC an organisation paid for by the UK citizens chooses not tell us about this absurd ruling! Sometimes I have the sense that I am living in a bizarre comedy theatre.

  2. The BBC are a law unto themselves . The same with the EU . The powers that be at this particular time in Biblical history are just another proof that we are in the last days . Rebellion against Righteousness and Justice is all they know . Let them , after all it is their future that is at stake here and I wouldn’t want their future for all the tea in China .

  3. It is astonishing that of all the places in the world, the representatives of the countries of the EU seem to have forgotten the lesson of Munich. The desire for “peace at any price”, the pursuit of oil, the incredibly stupid immigration policies, and the foolish belief that has been pounded into European skulls for 60 years of “multicultural equality” are leading to the end of Europe as a Western civilization.

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