Strange priorities on the BBC website’s Middle East page

On Friday, February 8th 2013, Tunisia trembled yet again after the assassination of the secular opposition leader. In Egypt thousands of demonstrators took to the streets once more and in Syria heavy fighting continued with reports of up to a hundred people killed. In Iraq a series of car bombs reportedly left 36 people dead and dozens injured and Amnesty International published a report stating that since the beginning of the year, an average of almost two people a week have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia. 

On the BBC News website’s Middle East page, however, the third most prominent item was an article about a suspected case of arson at the offices of the Beitar Jerusalem football club in which no-one was hurt. The police have set up a dedicated investigatory team for the incident, which has been condemned by the city’s mayor and the country’s Prime Minister. 

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Strange editorial priorities. 


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  1. Further proof, if any is needed, that the BBC (and other MSM) have an unhealthy obsession with things Israeli.

  2. I noticed something when I was reading this article:

    Israel football club Beitar Jerusalem office torched

    The offices of Israeli football club Beitar Jerusalem have been damaged by fire in a suspected arson attack.

    The blaze came a day after four fans were charged over racist chanting against the club’s recruitment of Muslim players.

    No-one was hurt in the blaze but the club’s administrative offices suffered extensive damage, police said.
    Last month Beitar Jerusalem signed two Chechen players, breaking a tradition of not signing Arabs or Muslims.

    Breaking a tradition? Just because they never had before, since when does that make it a tradition?

    I know what the BBC is trying to infer though- at least they’re true to their own biased traditions.

    As an aside, just look at the BBC webpage with a gallery of their selected traditions round the world. Only one relates to a religion – can you guess which one?

    • Hi Teddy Bear,

      As an aside, just look at the BBC webpage with a gallery of their selected traditions round the world. Only one relates to a religion – can you guess which one?

      It’s because they think the British public are a bunch of shaven-headed closet BNP members and the only thing stopping us from spending all of our free time torching mosques and beating up women in hijabs is the BBC’s frequent educational corrections.

  3. Hi Matt

    Actually I think it’s more that they want to be seen as supporting the ‘religion of peace’ as part of their appeasement of Islam. The BBC would sell out its own mother if it thinks it will achieve more coverage and power round the world.

  4. Betar Jerusalem supporters have an unrivaled reputation for thuggish behaviour in Israeli football particularly the La Familia group. The BBC wants to imply that the ‘racism’ of a small group of football hooligans is representative of Israeli attitudes towards Arabs. It is not.

    I am like the BBC making inferences about the fire without anything except circumstantial evidence about the identity of the arsonists.

    Actually you could say that there is a ‘tradition’ of not hiring Arab players at Betar Jerusalem. In 2005 Betar owner Arkadi Gaydemak attempted to sign Abbass Swan, an Israeli Arab player who was a national team member. Aggressive behaviour by fans stoped that and Swan signed with Maccabi Haifa.

    Nigerian player Ndala Ibrahim, a Muslim, was on the team briefly in 2005, but left after being mobbed by its supporters..

    • And the Brits have quite the nerve to be lecturing any one else on “Football Thuggery”. I seem to remember several incidents much worse by British fans.

      • Yeah but Brit football fans don’t double up as IDF heroes who spend their off-duty moments torturing pregnant women at check-points and dragging children off to prison in chains.

        • Please show us, Snotty-troll, an instance where a child “was dragged to prison in chains”…
          Don’t keep us waiting now…

          • An example of the IDF torturing pregnant women wouldn’t go amiss either. All I can find regarding the IDF’s behaviour towards the Arabs are these reports:




            And of course



            Infant born with breathing problems rescued by medics alerted to Jordan Valley checkpoint at 2 am

            Hanan Greenberg Published: 02.07.11

            An IDF force was alerted Monday to treat a Palestinian woman who went into labor at a checkpoint in the Jordan Valley. The soldiers worked with Palestinians at the checkpoint to move the woman to a military ambulance where she gave birth.

            The infant, who had difficulty breathing, was resuscitated and then evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital by helicopter. “There is a great deal of satisfaction in giving life,” Sergeant Gilad Nesher, a paramedic who treated the woman and child, told Ynet.

            At around 2 am the IDF received a call about a Palestinian woman in labor. A medical task force, which included a paramedic and three army medics, was led by Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner to the scene.

            The soldiers said it was very dark and that at first they had trouble locating the woman, who was in a tent on high territory inaccessible by car.

            The soldiers took action, handing the Palestinians a stretcher and other medical tools and the woman was brought to the waiting ambulance.

            “She was relatively calm,” recounts Sgt. Nesher. “We put her in the ambulance, then we performed an initial test and found she was in the final stages of labor. We had to begin the process as soon as possible.”

            The paramedic in charge said he had assisted labor before, but never under such conditions and without the supervision of a physician. “The baby came out but he wasn’t breathing properly. We recognized that he was in distress and performed CPR until he started breathing and the color came to his cheeks,” he said.

            Meanwhile, a military chopper was called in and landed on a road that had been closed off for this purpose. A doctor belonging to the 669 search and rescue unit helped stabilize the infant until landing at the hospital.

            “These soldiers really fought to save the baby. It was very exciting to see them. They didn’t give up and proved that there is no higher value than saving a life,” said a military source present at the rescue.

          • Well Room 101 if you can squeeze your head out of your ass and do a bit of research on the web you might find out. Obviously you don’t do the prison run. Still intimidating pregnant mothers and old people at checkpoints?


          • How cute… Is that your abashed way of admitting that you are lying?
            I’ll ask again, since you’re clearly very daft, and unable to understand a simple instruction:
            Please provide us with a credible link, showing a child “dragged to Prison in chains”
            You see, when you make nonsensical and hyperbolic claims, it’s up to you to substantiate them.
            And I’m pretty sure, Snotty-troll, that when you walk about(that is, if you ever step out of your lair), you intimidate quite a lot of people, not just the elderly.
            Don’t dally too long with that link, now.

          • How gratifying to find a troll that cares about kids! And Palestinain kids to boot!
            If you want to pluck the heart-strings just string together a few choice words like “child”,”chains” and prison .I’ve left out the quotes re prison because Israel obviously has prisons or at least one prison.The doubt arises over the suspicious use of words like child and chains.
            Why I should lie about children being dragged off to prison in chains is beyond me.But there you are,nobody’s perfect!
            However there is a link. It is an account given by an Israeli woman( the one’s I love to hate) of her experiences in an Israeli juvenile court where the accused are all Palestinian children,some of them quite small. She is probably a self-hating jewish traitor and almost certainly lying but you can draw your own conclusions.
            As soon as I have repaired my electric Zimmer frame I will dispatch!

          • “Israel obviously has prisons…”
            Yes, and what else is new? Every country does…
            What’s exactly your point?
            I repeat, a veritable, credible link to “Children in chains being led to prison”…
            Until then, spare me the barely legible gobbledegook.
            And nice to see you acknowledge your status as a troll… Must be quite cathartic for you. Now if you would only quit trolling… Ah, but alas, we can’t have everything, can we?

          • What you don’t get, Snotty, is how to execute a simple request:
            A credible source verifying that children are brought to “Court in Chains”
            “DCI-Palestine” — is not one such.
            On other hand, if you had bothered to read your own links, “Children in Military Custody”, perfectly contradicts what you say, but stating that no Children were ever dragged into court in chains.
            It’s really pathetic how you wriggle; but infinitely satisfying to see you bash yourself against a brick wall, with your own hands.

        • Welcome back “Sprattyville” I’ve missed the mindless anti-semitism of your incessant Sui Genaris responsesto everything Israel.

          • Ethanol! I can tell by your response that your not one of the IDF heroines.But you’d probably like to be. Like the one on Instagram who shoots kids in the back of the head and licks his dog’s nuts! Check it out on Twitter its viral and it sums up you types and how pathetic your situation is!


    • Actually you could say that there is a ‘tradition’ of not hiring Arab players at Betar Jerusalem

      An AVERSION. because of the problems it could cause, is not a tradition.
      (Definition: The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.
      A long-established custom or belief that has been passed on in this way.

      The very fact according to you, that they had previously tried to hire Muslim players show that there was no tradition per se.

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