Recommended reading from BBC’s Jon Donnison

Donnison textbooks tweet

The New York Times article which Donnison promotes as “interesting” is here

For additional views on the subject (not promoted on Twitter by our impartial reporter) see the response to the report from Palestinian Media Watch, this article from The Commentator, this article from the Jerusalem Post, this post from Elder of Ziyon, this piece by A. Jay Adler at the Algemeiner and Ben Dror Yemini in the Times of Israel.

PA incitement 1

PA incitement 2


6 comments on “Recommended reading from BBC’s Jon Donnison

    • I think that the NYTimes reflects many of the negative aspects of the Guardian across the board. Not only on the IP conflict. However, while promoting the Palestinian narrative and denigrating Israel, the NYTimes has not scraped the bottom yet.

  1. Why would we expect anything but selective reporting and comment from him – or indeed any other BBC apparatchik?

  2. That tweet from Donnison reveals the reason he cannot claim to be a journalist but at best a hack dutifully following the Jeremy Bowen propagandist line on the Israeli-Arab conflict.

    Any journalist worth his/her salt would investigate the subject before tweeting about it, rather than reading one seriously-skewed article in the NYT and concluding that his anti-Israel prejudice is justified.

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