Selective BBC reporting on sports discrimination

Itay Shechter

As we know, the BBC is very concerned about racism in sport – so much so that it produced two articles on the subject of a group of racist fans at Beitar Jerusalem football club opposing the signing of Muslim players, with one of those articles featured on its BBC News website Middle East page for six days running at the time of writing. 

That concern does not, however, appear to extend to all manifestations of racism or discrimination. 

Swansea City striker Itay Shechter has been barred from travelling with his team to a training camp in Dubai because of the fact that he is Israeli. This is not the first time that an Israeli sports person has been unable to travel to Dubai. 

So, does the story about Itay Shechter appear on the BBC’s Middle East page? No. On its UK page? Not there either. 

Perhaps on the BBC News website’s Sport page? No. Maybe on its Football page, then?

You can probably guess the answer to that by now. 

football page

3 comments on “Selective BBC reporting on sports discrimination

  1. The BBC considers racial insults to be concerned with brown people. All Moslems are brown by this definition and all Jews are white, even if they’re dark brown.

    Simple rule of thumb, that makes everything clear.

  2. I had hoped to locate such a report on an obscurer part of the BBC News website like the Swansea regional news or Welsh sport – no such luck!
    I guess Margie is right.

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