Light bulb moment at the BBC

Eureka! At long last the BBC finally seems to have got the message on the subject of its to date inaccurate presentation of the remarks made by David Ward MP last month. 

In its latest article on the subject from February 13th, the BBC correctly reports that:

“Lib Dem MP David Ward has been summoned to a meeting with Nick Clegg following a series of controversial comments he has made about Jews.”

In numerous previous reports on the subject, the BBC had inaccurately presented Ward’s remarks as having referred to “the Jews in Israel”.

Ward article 13 2

Better late than never. 

Meanwhile, this entry on the CST blog regarding Ward’s latest digging escapade is well worth a read. 

8 comments on “Light bulb moment at the BBC

  1. It is quite laughable the desperation you display to come up with a crumb of justification for the opportunity to spray the word anti-Semite all over the Nursery. Yes he did say Jews rather than Jews in Israel. But so what! Anybody with the intelligence of goldfish  would appreciate from the context that he was talking about the actions of Jews in Israel and hence the policies of the Israeli state. The suggestion that because Jews had known such suffering they would be less likely to dish it out was clumsy and patronising. There is no reason to expect this. The Russian people suffered appallingly during WW2 but then demonstrated how easy it is to forget such things in Afghanistan and Chechnya. While you trawl through the world’s press and media looking for antisemites the victims of your indifference are trying to pick up the pieces.David Ward doesn’t approve of your policies towards the Palestinians.That doesn’t make him an anti-Semite!

    • Tell us though, Snotty, really:
      Do you really suppose the cumulative casualties(i.e. over 64 years) of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict(15,000, in total, Israelis included) is comparable to the Russian wholesale destruction of Chechnya, the Iraq war, the Bangladeshi war of Independence, or even the Holocaust for Pity’s sake?!
      This is what nitwits like you, and Ward, don’t understand. Contrasting a minor dispute, with atrocities of genocidal proportions betokens such a deep-rooted prejudice, that can only be accounted for by utter and baseless hatred.
      You hate viscerally, Snotty. But cheer-up, this is what you and Ward have in common.

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