No BBC reporting on Hizballah in Cyprus

The ongoing trial of a Swedish-Lebanese citizen who was arrested in Cyprus just days before the terror attack on Israeli holidaymakers in Bulgaria last year has been making headlines due to the fact that the accused has admitted to working for Hizballah. 

“During a cross-examination, the operative, Hossam Taleb Yaacoub, described himself as “an active member of Hezbollah” with the code name Wael, and said he had received a salary of $600 a month since 2010.”

“Mr. Yaacoub said that his handler, a shadowy figure known only as Ayman, told him to track the landing times for an Arkia Israel Airlines flight between Tel Aviv and Larnaca, Cyprus. Ayman also asked him to look into the rental prices of warehouses, he said.”

The story has been reported by media outlets around the world, including the New York Times, the Huffington Post, the Australian and even the BBC’s paper of choice, the Guardian. The BBC, however, has to date not seen fit to report on the trial in Cyprus itself or on its wider significance as another example of the fact that Hizballah is operating within Europe, despite the fact that the subject of the terror organisation’s designation is currently on the EU agenda

Do BBC editors not consider this to be a matter of public interest? 

7 comments on “No BBC reporting on Hizballah in Cyprus

  1. The BBC editors most certianly consider it a matter to be hidden from public view. Should it ever come out, they will frame it as legitimate grievance.

  2. One has to wonder if the BBC would have had a field day if an Israeli was arrested on suspicion of participating in a terrorist act against Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims.

    • I see… Snotty-troll.
      And the fact that the man confessed, as the NYT article mentions, tells you what, exactly?
      Thank Heavens you don’t have a brain, otherwise it would’ve exploded from the dissonance by now!

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