BBC throws mud over repatriation of Syrians

On February 27th 2013 an article appeared on the Middle East page of the BBC News website concerning the discharge from the Rivka Ziv hospital in Tsfat (Safed) of six of the seven wounded Syrian citizens treated there recently. 

ME page wounded Syrians

One might think that the tone of this report would, under the circumstances, be positive. 

But note the BBC’s barely veiled accusation of wrongdoing on Israel’s part in this passage:

“A statement issued by the Israeli military said that the Syrians’ repatriation “was completed at an undisclosed location for their own safety”.

The military made no comment on why the six – whose identities have not been disclosed – were returned to Syria, where they could be in danger.”

Of course the BBC, like the rest of us, has no idea who these Syrians are or what their affiliations are – if any. Neither does the BBC know whether or not they even requested not to be repatriated and its declaration that they “could be in danger” can be nothing more than speculation. But none of that stops it throwing mud in Israel’s direction anyway.

Another strange – and seemingly contradictory – insinuation came from the BBC’s Wyre Davies in a Tweet on the subject, with the bizarre use of the words “allowed home”. 

Daview tweet injured Syrians

Interestingly, despite the fact that this article was last updated at 13:00 GMT on February 27th (15:00 local time), the BBC did not see fit to include in it any mention of the fact that a Syrian tank shell hit the Israeli village of Alonei HaBashan in the later hours of Wednesday morning – fortunately without causing any injuries. That news does not appear anywhere else on the BBC website either. 

7 comments on “BBC throws mud over repatriation of Syrians

  1. Absolute muppets.

    If Israel had refused to treat them, the BBC would have criticised Israel (again, in its underhand way).
    If Israel had treated them and sent them home, the BBC would have criticised Israel (in its underhand way)
    If Israel had treated them but wanted rid of them because of who these Syrians were, the BBC would have criticised Israel (but not openly, of course).
    If Israel had asked the Palestinians to give them shelter (if they were Palestinians), and the Palestinians had refused, the BBC wouldn’t have mentioned that but would still have used it as an excuse to attack Israel.

    The BBC are anti-Semitic propagandists that seem to have a particular obsession with slinging mud at the Jewish state, but not at other Arab states. They need to be cut loose, for the most part.

  2. Did the BBC not ask what would happen to Israelis under such circumstance if the situation were reversed – can anyone in their right mind imagine that Syria would allow Joos to be treated in their hospitals? Wow even the UN send their wounded and ill across the Syrian border to Israeli hospitals. Double standard? You bet!

  3. Keep up the good work BBCWatch.

    There will come a day of reckoning for the BBC management and reporters and your archive of BBC biases and misrepresentation will be an exhibit for the prosecution.

  4. I see that no BBC hack has put his/her name to that propaganda piece. Could be that they are ashamed of even mentioning that Israel has done a good deed.

  5. “Israel has reinforced a fence that runs along the armistice line on the Golan Heights and officials say Syrian refugees will not be allowed into Israel en masse,” the BBC informs us.

    But it neglects to tell us the following info, which was known more than a week before the BBC pushed its anti-Israel propaganda:

    “The IDF is reportedly preparing to erect a field hospital near Israel’s border with Syrian border on the Golan Heights in order to treat Syrian nationals wounded in the ongoing fighting and attempting to cross into Israel for medical assistance.”

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