Still no BBC accountability on Masharawi story

The BBC is still promoting its story about Omar Masharawi on its website four days after the publication of a UN HRC report which determines that the infant died as a result of the shortfall of a missile fired by terrorists in the Gaza Strip rather than due to an IDF attack in the vicinity as the BBC claimed.

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This failure by the BBC to acknowledge the problematic nature of that report even in light of the findings of the UN is particularly significant Editorial meetingin light of the fact that in other circumstances, the BBC frequently relates to UN statements as something akin to semi-sacred.

The BBC’s dragging of heels on this issue and its failure to admit to the funding public that it published and widely promoted a story without having solid evidence for the main claim upon which it was based of course casts very serious doubts upon the sincerity of the corporation’s claims of commitment to accuracy and impartiality. 

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  1. the BBC reporting of Northern Ireland is the same bias and far removed from the truth no matter what the Loyalist People do they twist it to the extend that fair and truth no longer matter they have a love affair with Terrorists World wide and S/F IRA in particular

  2. Finally, 5 days after the UN report the BBC produce an article on it:
    UN disputes Gaza strike on BBC man’s house

    I notice they now spell the name of the BBC Palestinian picture editor as Jehad, and not as previously – Jihad.

    3 guesses why they might have done that. What’s next – Geehad?

    Now, though, the United Nations says the house may have been hit by a Palestinian rocket that fell short. This is despite the fact that the Israeli military had reported no rockets being fired out of Gaza so soon after the start of the conflict.

    It hasn’t dawned on the BBC yet that this rocket was also one that wasn’t fired ‘out of Gaza’ either.

    But just in case the reader might be tempted not to vilify Israel they make sure they include:
    The UN report concluded that at least 169 Palestinians were killed by Israeli attacks during the offensive.

    It said more than 100 were civilians, including 33 children and 13 women. The report said six Israelis were killed by Palestinians attacks, including four civilians.

    Remember the scene in the Gaza hospital during the conflict, of the dead child held by the Egyptian minister and the Gaza head of Hamas, where that child too was later found to have died by another short fall Hamas rocket?

    Strange that the similarity to the Mashrawi child incident didn’t cause Donnison to remind readers of it in the article.

    Strange that is, for anybody not familiar with the BBC.

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