On terrorists, peace activists and the BBC

As the BBC reported on March 12th, two Israeli Air Force pilots -Lt.-Col. (res.) Noam Ron and Maj. (res.) Erez Flekser – were killed in an accident apparently caused by a technical fault in their Cobra helicopter. 

Unsurprisingly, the Hamas al Qassam brigades reacted predictably to the news:

AQ tweet Cobra

But nasty crass reactions were not limited to terrorists, as the Algemeiner reports: 

“Not everyone was saddened by Tuesday’s helicopter crash that killed two Israeli reserve pilots. “Peace activist” Noa Shaindlinger took to Facebook yesterday morning to celebrate as news of the incident surfaced. “We may have some good news later this morning (hint: IOF drill accident with casualties,” she posted to her Facebook page. Shaindlinger later deleted the post from her page.”

Noa Shaindlinger is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, where she also takes part in anti-Israel campaigning. 

Noa S apartheid week

She also describes herself as “a human rights activist and citizen journalist” and one of the outlets which sees fit to publish her writings is +972 Magazine – for example here and here

One does hope that the BBC will remember that next time it is tempted to outsource coverage of Israeli affairs to that outlet’s writers.  


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  1. However one feels about the two sides of the conflict, I don’t imagine many people take actual pleasure in the deaths of ones opponents, Arafat and other notables perhaps exempted.

    But this woman wrote gleefully about the deaths of these two reserve officers, both married and with children.

    Her parents are apparently Holocaust survivors. Did her upbringing result in the apparent inability to empathise with the families of these men, yet she can apparently find fellow feeling with Palestinian Arabs?

    • I agree, cityca – and it’s one of the things that distinguishes those who are supportive of Israel from those who claim to care about the Palestinian people. You see the differences in rallies when the two groups are in close proximity and in comment boxes. There is no bile; no hatred; no pleasure taken in conflict or injury or the loss of life.

      • True pennylan,

        They don’t give a damn about the Palestinians. If they did, they would agitate against the shocking conditions they live in in Arab countries, for example shoved into refugee camps in Lebanon and denied access to a number of professions. And they would express outrage against Assad for bombing Palestinian camps in Syria.

        In all the blogs I’ve been on, I’ve never seen one negative comment on the treatment of the Palestinians by their Arab brothers from the alleged supporters of the Palestinians. They just use them as a stick to beat Israel with. The hypocrisy is truly educational.

    • Oh, I know one or two people like that who certainly do take pleasure in hearing about Israeli civilians being massacred in cafés and on buses. Bear in mind that they know full well that these people aren’t soldiers or political targets – they take pleasure and support pure terror, and support the aims of Hamas, even though they don’t support Hamas by name.

      It goes without saying, I suppose, that they live in a peaceful country and are actually pathetic cowards in real life who won’t stand up for themselves when people have a go at them.

    • There are tragedies and there are tragedies.Reminds me of the Zionists dancing in the streets ( Times Square ) when IDF ran amok in Gaza during Cast Lead
      .Nobody should gloat about the death of another human being but the stench of hypocrisy is fairly overpowering.

      • Why not Spratty. I would be very happy to know that your murderous bunch of friends got decimated. It is not a tragedy at all but to make our world better.
        Only two small remarks.
        1. Nobody danced on the Times-square but demonstrated for Israel’s right to defend itself from your fascistic pals. This kind of dancing is the attribute of your “moderate” BBC sponsored friends.
        2. If the IDF ran amok in Gaza then It would be a huge parking lot today and not a flourishing place relative of other Muslim countries.

        • There is clear video evidence of jubilation on the part of your friends . Bragging about the potential exploits of the IOF ! What a tough guy!  But the whole world considers the IOF to be a bunch of cowards.The mask of the”most moral” army has sdlipped.


          • The whole world spratty?! You should consider to change the stuff you are smoking.
            There is clear video evidence of jubilation on the part of your friends
            Maybe you should give the link to the clip clearly showing the jubilation.
            But the whole world considers the IOF to be a bunch of cowards
            Yes and these cowards beat the crap out of your heroic colleagues many times. Seems to me their cowardice works.
            The mask of the”most moral” army has sdlipped
            It didn’t at all spratty, but I don’t expect Zahakl to be the most moral army. I want to them to be an army guarding its moral and humanistic values unique in the world as it is proved clearly compared to any other military action implemented by any other nation and I expect from them to eliminate every threats against Israel quickly, effectively and with the less possible number of casualties in their ranks and of non-combatants. They did and will do exactly irrespective of your pain.

  2. Incredible how this woman’s mind has been turned so completely that she can turn against her own, and in such a despicable fashion.

    On the subject of terrorists, there was a short clip on Tuesday’s Newshour by Tim Franks on the French town honouring the murderer of Israeli tourism minister Rehavam Ze’evi. He put a number of challenging questions to the spokesman for the town council, so no complaints there.

    Is this perhaps another example of the BBC getting it right? Could be, since it comes close to criticism of the Palestinians, something the BBC generally avoids like the plague, while feeling free to criticise Israel.

    Clip starts at 38:08 minutes in:


    • “Her own”…what exactly does that mean? I thought we were all human beings, treating each other with dignity and compassion. When was the last time the IDF soldiers treated the occupied Palestinians with dignity and compassion? Is it any wonder that emotions can run high when a Palestinian civilian demonstrator, beaten, blindfolded and shot at point blank range by a cowardly Israeli soldier:

  3. John, might it not be fairer to explain that this was a rubber bullet rather than write: “shot at point blank range” – which suggests an outcome rather more dramatic than the bruise the video states he received. The video doesn’t really say what the man was arrested for – do you know (in detail)? Also, what was the outcome of the inquiry mentioned?

    • Perhaps we could tie you up, blindfold you then shoot you at close range with a device that is used to DISABLE with immediate effect. You might not feel so glib in the circumstances!

      • Why the aggression all the time? Is it beyond you to enter into a normal discussion?

        What is ‘glib’ about asking what this man did to warrant arrest and how the subsequent inquiry went?. If you can tell me then go ahead. If you can’t then you’re judging without evidence. Were that to happen to you then you might not feel so glib in the circumstances.

        • The evidence is there! What he did is irrelevant! He was in custody,blindfolded more or less helpless and no threat to the troops involved and is then assaulted with a very nasty weapon. You are effectively trying to defend the indefensible with your red herrings and hair-splitting.Why can you not ( for once) admit that something is seriously wrong here?


          • Bullshit spratty. The soldier and his commander have been severely punished by a military court. Using this incident to bashing Israel is really pathetic. Keep it on…
            BTW the physical damage to this peaceful innocent lamb was much less than the damage caused to civilians by your stone and Molotov cocktail throwing freedom fighters

          • Ah – now I see the soldier to his left. I assumed – in the early hours of the morning when I watched the video clip – that the shot came from behind. So yes, I will agree that this was wrong. And, if peterthehungarian,is correct then this resulted in severe punishment..Did you know the outcome of the inquiry when you posted your comment?

            So – I am perfectly willing to see and condemn wrong acts. But I wouldn’t make them up or add embroidery.

          • If you believe Peter the Hungarian you may be mistaken.can you be more specific about this”serious punishment” ? What would you consider to be “appropriate” punishment? From what I have read the IDF is fairly laid back init’s appraisal of this type ( not uncommon) of incident.


          • Why should I prove to your kind of trash anything? Do you really think that your libels are worth of discussing? Then you are seriously mistaken.
            First maybe you should prove that the video is not freshly out of the Pallywood/BBC production line showing al-Dura, “Palestinian children” killed by the IDF happened to be Syrian killed by your comrades etc.

          • You allege that the perpetrator was”severely punished” by a military court ( whatever that is!)! Now your saying that the video footage has been manufactured! So a member of the IDF has been wrongfully convicted for an offence he didn’t commit? So not only does the IDF commit crimes against the occupied but,it also persecutes it’s own soldiers! If you can’t see the contradiction you are probably lying and made the whole thing up.


          • I hope you are not this dump spratty you must be only pretending. You demanded me to prove something and I answered that you should prove first something else. Your twisted bullshit is exactly the same logic what you learnt from the Protocols and the Hamas charter.

          • A dump is something you do in the privacy of your own home.I presume you meant dumb.Which is even dumber. You still don’t understand that you contradicted yourself.


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