Syrian fire into Israel again goes unreported by the BBC

Until recently the BBC only saw fit to report on cross-border fire from Syria into the Golan Heights when Israel fired back. Now it seems not even those incidents merit a mention.

On the evening of April 2nd 2013 a mortar shell fired from Syria landed near Tel Fares and shortly afterwards shots were fired at an IDF patrol near Tel Hazeka. Israel responded with tank fire in the direction of the Syrian outpost from which the shooting came. 

Map Tel Hazeka

The BBC did not report these incidents. 

Another recent Syria-related incident not reported by the BBC was the attack on an Al Jazeera news team covering ‘Land Day’ events in the Galilee town of Sakhnin on March 30th.

“A scuffle broke out Saturday during a Land Day procession in Sakhnin. Several dozen protesters who support Syrian President Bashar Assad assaulted an Al-Jazeera reporter and his crew.

The rioters hurled water bottles at the journalists claiming they were fabricating reports about the situation in Syria. The scuffle quickly spread to include other protesters. Three people were lightly injured including a Channel 1 journalist who sustained a minor head injury and was treated at a local clinic.”

map Sahknin

In fact, the BBC chose to maintain ‘radio silence’ altogether regarding the annual ‘Land Day’ demonstrations – several of which turned violent. At the Qalandiya checkpoint near Jerusalem the day was marked with stone-throwing by some 150 rioters. On Route 60, near Efrat, a four year-old Israeli boy was injured when the car in which he was travelling was pelted with rocks. 

Of course, BBC audiences’ comprehension of the Middle East is not enhanced by selective reporting. 

4 comments on “Syrian fire into Israel again goes unreported by the BBC

  1. Surely the BBC should send its producer and twitterer Jeannie Assad to Syria to cover these Syrian cross-border shootings. Duvidl is one television taxpayer who would relish some real reporting and production from Jeannie.

    Here is all that Jeannie was doing on April 6, where Duvidl commented on her propagandist twittering on the the BBC Watch thread “BBC describes firebombing of checkpoint as “protests””:

    Duvid Crockett, King of Delancey Street, /Home of gefilte fish and kosher meat
    APRIL 6, 2013 @ 8:12 AM
    “The BBC’s report once again promotes PA propaganda.” With beeboid twitterers like “BBC producer Jeannie Assad ” can BBC Watchers be surprised?

    Is Jeannie, perchance, related to Bashar or perhaps an Alawite taking some rest and recuperation from the horrendous Syrian civil war?

    Where does the BBC find these Isra-hate goons? Maybe among the ranks of the Alan Johnston-kidnapping Dogmush clan in Gaza, as the price paid for his release. No chance of new BBC boss Tony Hall giviing Jeannie the chop in his forthcoming round of cuts, Duvidl supposes.

  2. Arabs, any Arabs attacking Jews is of no interest to BBC and the other MSM. But let Israel shoot at Arabs, even in clear self defence? Another matter entirely. Thomas Friedman once said, “The Palestinians are fortunate in their choice of enemy. Only a Jewish state could be attacked so often for so long and still be considered the bad guy.”

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