BBC ignores missile fire from Gaza Strip

On the evening of Sunday April 7th, just minutes after commemorations of the Holocaust began all over Israel, a number of missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli civilian communities. One of those missiles hit Sha’ar HaNegev regional council, abruptly halting a Holocaust commemoration ceremony taking place at the time in one of the communities.

There has been no mention whatsoever by the BBC of this latest bout of missile fire.


4 comments on “BBC ignores missile fire from Gaza Strip

  1. There is a dangerous flaw in the way the media attract their audiences by catering to their biases rather than providing balanced, objective, reasoned accounts. It’s a means of reinforcing and nourishing biases instead of informing their publics. Isn’t that all very cynical and counter productive? The media have perpetuated the tragedy of the Palestinian Arab for 65 years when with media honesty, those lives could have been joyous and productive.The media could be said to have caused and perpetuated mental illness and hate in those poor victims of media cupidity.Our basis of comparison is that the media have neglected, ignored the 850,000 Arab Jewish refugees of 1948+, and they have since been generally comfortably and quietly established in Israel (including the current Ethiopian Jewish beauty queen).

  2. It doesn’t count if Jews are attacked or killed. It only counts if we defend ourselves. They hate that.

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