One to watch on BBC Two

Next Wednesday – April 17th 2013 – at 21:00 GMT a programme by John Ware entitled “Israel: Facing the Future” will be shown on BBC Two.

“John Ware journeys to Israel for a fresh look at how it has responded to the changes sweeping the region in the wake of the Arab Spring. He meets Israelis from all walks of life to go beyond the news clichés and analyse what is next for the world’s only Jewish state as both the religious and the secular battle over its future.”

John Ware prog


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    • Thanks for the heads up. I do know who John Ware is and the good programmes he’s done in the past. I just have a hard time believing the current BBC would let him do anything even remotely neutral let alone pro-Israel…

      • Last week Cameron actually attacked the BBC in unambiguous terms over it’s reflexative left wing bias. As far as I’m aware despite a screaming need to address this, the Tory’s have previously stayed schtum.

        A brand new DG, George Entwhistle, in office (whatever you’d call it) for mere weeks was defenestrated and major shake up of his motley crew also ensued.

        Could these events be portentious of a wind of change?

        And, although I now after years of teeth grinding, make it a policy never to watch BBC news, Question Time or listen to Radio Four, every now and then they’ll play a blinder and for instance, years ago produced a pretty hard hitting unglossed portrayal of grooming and rape of white teenagers in northern towns.

        It was a first and exposed a police service and social services completely in hock to muslims and seemingly willing to trade the lives of young vulnerable girls for ‘social cohesion’.

        I will watch this with interest. Who knows, we may all be pleasantly surprised?

  1. Meanwhile the LSE is trying to get the BBC to pull Panorama tomorrow because one of the members of an LSE club trip to N.Korea was a BBC reporter doing an undercover report for said flagship programme……………

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