More missile attacks on Israel ignored by BBC

The BBC News website’s Middle East page of April 21st included a very reasonable report on the Grad missile attacks on Eilat on April 17th 2013 which originated from Sinai. 

Rocket Eilat HP 21 4

Unfortunately however, by April 21st there had been two further incidents of missile fire on Israeli communities – both from the Gaza Strip – which did not receive any coverage from the BBC.

Late in the evening on April 18th 2013, two missiles hit the Eshkol Regional Council area. No injuries were reported. Shortly after midnight on April 21st, another missile fired from the Gaza Strip hit the same region. 

These are of course not the only instances of missile fire from the Gaza Strip since the end of Operation ‘Pillar of Cloud’ which the BBC has failed to report. In fact it increasingly looks as though such attacks are only considered ‘newsworthy’ when they are followed by an Israeli response. Whether by accident or intent, the practice of ignoring the war crime of military-grade missiles being deliberately fired at civilian communities obviously fails to keep BBC audiences adequately informed and distorts audience views of events upon which the BBC does decide to report. 

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  1. There are bigger things happening than this. Everyday in Gaza children, woman, and men are slaughtered by the Israeli soldiers. This is not even spoken of in the media on the American channels because all they want to do is deceive its people. If you realize how childish you sound like for wanting this to even be recognized by the public about two missile attacks launched onto Israel and funniest part is no one was even injured. Go do a bit of research then come back with something more important to share with the public.

    • Kindly provide evidence that “everyday”, Gazan children, women and men are being slaughtered by Israeli soldiers.

      Unless you can provide credible and reliable evidence to back up your post, you join the army of liars and useful idiots that are happy to spread the slander of the Hamas fascists.

      As to, “something more important to share with the public”, people like you continually downplay the effect that rockets from Gaza have on the population of southern Israel so why don’t you take up the Sderot camping challenge? I’m pretty certain I can persuade the mayor of Sderot to find you a nice patch of ground and a tent, so you can spend a week under canvas, within a couple of kilometres (or 15 seconds flying time) of Gaza. After a month of Code red alarms, it will be interesting to hear your thoughts about rockets from Gaza, assuming one hasn’t landed on you of course.

      Oh, and if you really want to prove your point, why not take some family camping with you?

      I’ll tell the mayor I’ve issued the challenge – I’ll also tell him not to hold his breath waiting for you.

      • He wouldn’t dare to do that, cityca

        He’s more content with being a parrot for the usual claptrap which has been disproven again and again.

    • bashaerdiab
      I see that you have no sources for this superstitious belief that ‘everyday in Gaza children, woman, and men are slaughtered by the Israeli soldiers’ and believe that these deaths are not reported because ‘all they want to do is deceive its people’.

      Could it possibly be that nobody is slaughtered and that is why it is not reported?

      • He’s of the “I write it so it must be true” school of cod “philosophy”

        Besides which he couldn’t find a source to save his miserable life

        It’s embarrassing.

    • Pease provide source evidence.

      Of course every Israeli can provide source evidence of children from Gaza getting treatment in Israeli children’s hospitals for severe lifethrearening diseases and illnesses paid for the the Israeli taxpayers. However, if this material were publicised then the families of those children will suffer punishment from Hamas for daring to seek life saving treatments for their children from Jews.

      So mister who does not dare use his own name can you either give evidence or shut up!

      • You obviously do not have a clue about what you are talking about. Israel prisoners are being denied of medical treatment. Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh 64 had passed away on April 2, 2013 due to being denied of medical treatment. He was diagnosed with throat cancer which eventually spread to his spinal cord. The prison administration knew he was suffering from cancer and they did not release him and medically neglected him. One day later on Wednesday two teenage boys are killed by Israeli forces during clashes between soldiers and youths. Soldiers used tear gas and rubber bullets protestors threw rocks. Two months ago on February 23, Arafat Jaradat passed away in an Israeli prison from being tortured to death. Autopsy reports will prove that.
        The Israeli officials make sure not to let Palestinian prisoners die in the hospital, and send them home once they know that the prisoner is literally on his deathbed, such as what happened with Zuhair Lubada, and Ashraf Abu Thrae. Zuhair Lubada passed away on May 31st 2012. He had been in a coma when he was released, directly sent to the National Government Hospital in Nablus. According to Linah Alsaafin “He had spent a total of 14 years behind bars and reportedly suffered from kidney failure, sclerosis of the liver, a lung tumor and Hepatitis B”.
        Now this is the showing of cruel, inhumane, and illegal policies under which Palestinians in Israeli prisons suffer and go through every day.
        Go look up exactly what Hamas is, because all you Americans sound so uneducated by believing whatever you hear from the media or what Benjamin Netanyahu says.

    • Lord save us from another “critical thinker” who doesn’t want to clutter what passes for his mind with hard fact

    • After you with the research, bashaerdiab. Quote some disinterested sources to support your blether above.

      You know, you really must develop a better way of relating to people who can so obviously outstrip you in intelligence and everything else, and that way should include developing enough insight so as to stop you making a horse’s backside of yourself here.

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