BBC’s Davies suggests ulterior motives for IDF Sarin report

On April 23rd 2013 the BBC News website published a report entitled “Syria has used chemical weapons, Israeli military says“. The article relates to comments made by Brigadier General Itai Brun – head of the Research Division of the IDF’s Military Intelligence Branch – at a security conference in Tel Aviv.  

The original article was later updated to include subsequent remarks made by the US Secretary of State.

 “Mr Kerry said he had called the Israeli prime minister seeking confirmation chemical weapons had been used by the Syrian regime, adding that Mr Netanyahu “was not in a position to confirm that… I do not know yet what the facts are.” “

The BBC Jerusalem Bureau’s Wyre Davies gave free rein to his own speculations regarding Secretary Kerry’s comments on Twitter.

Davies tweets Syria Sarin

Of course Brigadier General Brun’s observations came just over a week after Britain and France had expressed similar concerns whilst saying that they believe that they have credible evidence of Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

Curiously, however, Wyre Davies apparently did not feel the need at the time to speculate to his Twitter followers that the British and French statements might indicate that the United States was “being bounced into an uncomfortable position” by those countries. 

And then, two days later, the US administration stated that in fact it has intelligence reports of its own regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria. 

Davies tweets Syria Sarin 25 4

Quite how Wyre Davies managed to reach the conclusion from Brigadier General Brun’s observations and the subsequent remarks made by Secretary Kerry that Israel wants “action against Syria” is a mystery. But it is surely a sad indication of a journalist’s priorities when weaving an imaginary intrigue trumps human concern for those on the receiving end of attacks with chemical weapons. 

17 comments on “BBC’s Davies suggests ulterior motives for IDF Sarin report

  1. What were the ulterior motives for British and French intell agreeing. They’re not exactly Israels buds.

  2. What a chump. Just listened to al-Beeb who said that there is evidence that Syria is using chemical weapons. Obviously Davies is out of the loop. Sack him, say i!!

  3. The evidence for Syria’s use of chemical weapons is far from conclusive. We seem to be looking at the possibility of one chemical carrying shell, which may, if corroborated, have been approved by a low ranking officer. Why would the Syrian government risk massive escalation of the conflict for the sake of one shell?

    Britain, France and Israel all have their own reasons for bringing the US into supporting the rebels with armaments and (possibly) troops. Let’s just calm down and wait to see what the evidence shows. The BBC reports are a sensible reflection of reality.

    • You’ve just sunk lower on the hypocrisy scale. Congratulations!
      Next time the IDF — in missions targeting terrorists operating from densely populated areas, rocketing civilians — accidentally kills non-actors, I know that you would approve of a defence blaming a “low-ranking officer”.
      Remember your post there, “sencar”. It will come back to haunt you.

      • Surely you jest. You don’t really expect sencar to use reason. He doesn’t need facts. He has opinions.

  4. Seriously, why is it so difficult for people to believe Assad would not dare gas Syrian citizens? Has the world forgotten about the Hama massacre of February 1982???

    • The time for any action is long past. There are no good guys here. Assad is a monster. But the rebels now seem to be made up largely of Brotherhood and Al Qieda types. Understand, the USA could crush the Syrian loyalists in 48hrs with air power. But do you really want any of the bad actors that would replace the Ba’athist regime to be in charge. Look whats happening in Egypt, Libya and Tunisa. The Christians in those countries are in real trouble. The Syrian Christians supported the Assads. They will face a massacre. And considering the deafening silence to the plight of the Egyptian Copts, no one will help them.

      I said two years ago there would be no intervention in Syria. No outside agency could appear to be helping Israel. And if you follow this as I have, you know that both sides have accused the other of aiding the Zionist enemy.

      • Frankly speaking I don’t care one bit about any of the fanatical fundamentalist Islamic actors on either of the many sides in Syria’s civil war. I couldn’t careless either about the all of the various Islamic fundamentalist idiots in Egypt, Libya and all of the other tyrannical Muslim hell holes. I merely care about Israel. So, when people start suggesting Syria would never dare use weapons of mass destruction, they are either kidding themselves or just quite simply highly ignorant of certain historical facts. Long Live Israel!

        • I fully agree. I was only commenting on the calls for US intervention. I don’t see a good end either way. I expect Hezballah to ‘do something’ stupid soon.

  5. There is no solution to this epidemic Islamic crisis spreading across the Middle East and North Africa, with tentacles into Europe, USA, Russia plus all its ex satellite states and of course the Far East. It is evident that there is hardly a spot in the world where it hasn’t reached. There is no possibility of resolving the “Arab Spring” countries. They’re on a treadmill that will ultimately exhaust itself. However, unless the West names the problem and takes action, it faces the same fallout as Egypt. What is happening to the Copts whi were once the majority in Egypt is a microcosm of what will happen first in Europe then in the USA. It is very telling that the first reaction to the Boston bombs was the hope that the culprits would be white and non Islamic. None of this has anything to do with Israel except that Israel is the Jewish state and Jews are regarded as an irritant to Islam as it will not die. Indeed at every turn the Jews are much like the grit in an oyster, an irritant that becomes the revered pearl. How they despise us for that!

    • realzionist, RichA, Richard Armbach, etc., etc., and all his smelly sock puppets shoulder to shoulder with Al Quaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran?

    • No danger of that happening with you though, is there, Richard? You’re already very busy clawing your way to the front of the queue for puckering up to Islamist tush. But then again, you’re no pearl in the first place.

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