BBC discovers the word antisemitism

In the ‘Sussex’ category of the ‘England’ section of the UK page on the BBC News website we find a report entitled “Crowborough UKIP candidate Anna-Marie Crampton suspended” dated April 25th Somewhat surprisingly – given its record when reporting similar recent cases of antisemitic remarks made by other politicians and public figures in the UK – this time the BBC has found itself able to accurately describe the nature of the statements made.

“A UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate in East Sussex has been suspended by the party over reports she posted anti-Semitic comments online.”

A definite improvement.  

8 comments on “BBC discovers the word antisemitism

  1. Thats because she wasnt a muslim like lord ‘ murderer’ ahmed… only white, right wingers can be antisemitic whilst vile antisemitism by a muslim is a ‘jewish claim’

  2. Don’t get too excited. The BBC is keen to demonise UKIP so they’ve used a word they normally won’t. Doesn’t mean they understand it or will apply it elsewhere – I.e. against Islamofascists.

    • Shouldn’t we then “encourage” them to apply the same standards appropriately across the board wherever Jew-hatred happens?

  3. That’s because she didn’t try to cover herself with the mantra: ‘I’m not antisemitic. I’m just a critic of Israel’. it also helps that she was a candidate of UKIP, a party the supposedly neutral BBC ignores when it isn’t attacking it. Had she been a Labour or LibDem candidate the BBC would have covered the defence and not the charge.

    • This wretch insists that both her Facebook and Twitter accounts had been hacked into. Such a coincidence is highly unlikely. More likely is that the internal censor failed to catch the antisemitism before fingers hit keyboard.

  4. Can someone remind me, did they make the same fuss about the (ig)noble Lord Ahmed’s “the Jews stitched me up” rant in Pakistan?

    I am opening a book on how long until he’s “rehabilitated” to the Lords

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