BBC Watch helps secure media correction in Canada

Honest Reporting Canada informs us that a BBC Watch article of April 30th aided the securing of an on-air correction to a report by CBC which – in a similar manner to the BBC report addressed in that item – mistakenly gave impression was given that terror attacks on Israelis in Judea & Samaria are a rare event. מצפה יריחו‎‎. Photo:

We are, of course, glad to have been of help. 

Similarly, two incidents on the evening of Thursday, May 2nd went unreported by the BBC. Two mortars were fired from the Gaza Strip at communities in the Eshkol Regional Council and in a separate event shots were fired at an Israeli and a tourist hiking in the area between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, near Mitzpe Yericho. 

The day before – May 1st – was not particularly peaceful either.

tweet may 1 1

tweet may 1 2

And that’s just the first two days of May. 

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  1. Yeah, but other than those it’s rare. 🙄

    Honest Reporting also ran a piece about the reference to settlers whenever an Israeli is the victim of Palestinian terror BBC Terminology: Mitigating Terror
    They didn’t pick up on the reference by the BBC that these attacks are rare. so I pointed them in the comments section to your excellent piece here Hadar.

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