BBC’s Bell finds conspiracy theorist “interesting”

Matthew Bell is, as stated in his Twitter profile, the Middle East correspondent for the radio programme The World broadcast by the BBC/PRI (Public Radio International) on US radio.

Here is a Tweet he sent on May 5th:

Bell Wilkerson

One must of course wonder if what Bell finds “interesting” is a decidedly bizarre statement made by the former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell on ‘Current TV’ – the station recently acquired by Al Jazeera. 

In that interview Wilkerson stated that the use of chemical weapons in Syria could have been “an Israeli false flag operation”. 

Wilkerson may be familiar to many readers, not least because of his assistance to Mearsheimer and Walt in promoting their “Israel lobby” canard and his claims that former Jewish White House officials were “card-carrying members of the Likud Party” and that he often “wondered if their primary allegiance was to their own country or to Israel”.

We in turn must wonder exactly what it is about such a person of such record a BBC employee finds worth promoting on Twitter. 

4 comments on “BBC’s Bell finds conspiracy theorist “interesting”

  1. Because it fits the BBC agenda.
    It remains a mystery to me that if The Jews/Israel have such influence over world politics and finance how is it that the ‘Jewish Homeland ‘ remainssuch a small inconsequential piece of real estate. Surely if this influence is worth anything at all Israel should stretch from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates.

  2. Antisemitic conspiracy theory “interesting” to braindead Beeboid – quelle surprise.

  3. Well, that’s the BBC – continually looking for new ways to bash Israel.

    And they have quietly cut all World Service Medium Wave broadcasts to Israel since April 1st on that old-fashioned thing called a radio while they’ll have FM broadcasts to Gaza and the West Bank, mostly in Arabic but some in English – even helpfully listing the different frequencies for places likes Bethlehem and Jenin.

    Details can be found in their Middle East Summer Schedule for 2013. Apparently there will be no broadcasts at all to Israel since the name of the country doesn’t appear on the schedule while there will be broadcasts to such noble countries as Libya, Syria and Sudan.

    Says something about BBC priorities

  4. The “white man’s burden, y’know”. You’d think that BBC would be grateful for the all the careful, free collegiate instruction given its flawed journalists by its critics else how will BBC’s staff learn? A little humility and appreciation would be in order and an occasional “thank you”.

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