BBC report on the rocket that wasn’t

On May 26th 2013 the BBC published an article on the Middle East page of its BBC News website under the title “‘Rocket fired’ from southern Lebanon towards Israel” and quoting Lebanese “media and security sources”. 

metulla rocket art

The BBC article was published at 22:26 GMT – about half an hour after initial reports of an explosion having been heard in the vicinity of Metulla came to light shortly before midnight. Later in the day the IDF confirmed that no missile had fallen in Israeli territory, but the BBC report has not been updated to reflect that fact. 

Former BBC Arabic reporter Ali Hashem – now with the Hizballah-linked Al Mayadeen network – tweeted the following at 23:48 local time on May 26th

tweets metulla hashem

Metulla – founded in 1896 – is of course not a “settlement”. But of course to Hizballah supporters such as this former BBC employee, it too is illegitimate – as we see from a translation of Hashem’s second Tweet.

translation hashem tweet 2

All too often the BBC has failed to report on missile fire directed at Israeli civilians in the region surrounding the Gaza Strip or, more recently, in the Golan Heights. Curiously, in this case it appears to have somewhat jumped the gun. 


Metulla, with south Lebanon in the background

8 comments on “BBC report on the rocket that wasn’t

  1. I saw that early BBC report and wondered what the rush to print was all about, considering the habitual failure to report such events until israel has retaliated. Could the reporter have received prior notice of what was expected to be a massive explosion in Israel, but in the end turned out to be a damp squib? A news making failure!

  2. When the Germans were firing cruise missiles (the V1) and later ballistic missiles (the V2) at London, every effort was made to cover up the precise location of the impact – which were said to be far to the North of London, causing the Germans to fuse subsequent rockets to fall short. The British couldn’t cover up all the blasts, so the remainder were reported as “gas explosions”.

    Fortunately, this was in 1944, so the launch-sites could be bombed and the D-Day forces soon over-ran the areas and stopped the bombardment. An old biddy who might (or might not) know what was going on was accused, prosecuted and spent the rest of the war in prison for witchcraft … look it up, we were this desperate to conceal what was happening!

    Israel is now in the same position – but unlike the British, Israeli citizens are all applying for citizenship elsewhere, in Europe and the US.

    What do they say – the end comes not with a bang but with a whisper?

    • “Israeli citizens are all applying”…
      Well, the lying has just become more convoluted…
      How will you comment then on the rising Israeli birthrate? Israel’s population now stands at an historic 8 million. That’s quite something.
      “What do they say”…?
      Why you ignorant moron — which interestingly enough poses the question: are you more of an idiot, than a bigot?
      T. S. Eliot(another anti-Semite, incidentally), originally wrote:
      “It ends not with a bang, BUT A WHIMPER”(WHIMPER!)
      Whimper on, you simpering moron.

      • I’m told it now takes 6 weeks to ban people who criticise Israel from sites like this.

        Apparently that’s enough on average to identify the employers and landlords of anyone daring to state the obvious, that Israel is stuffed because everyone living there knows that it is stuffed.

        • You’ll be banned — hopefully sooner, than later — because you’re a vicious, unrepentant, slithering, prevaricating anti-Semite(not necessarily in that order, of course).
          “Landlords”? are you worried? afraid of Mossad?
          My my… 😉 hope you can sleep well at night.

        • How do you do? I’m so happy to meet you! I’m not sure what “stuffed” means but I can assure you that your comments are simply malicious fabrications, and your mother should get some laundry soap and wash your silly, lying mouth out.

  3. A goodly per cent of Israelis are alleged to have more than one passport. I know that my children and theirs and I have US or British AND Israeli passports, but we’re not going anywhere. During the ’56 Sinai Campaign, we were instructed by the US State Department to leave. That proved unnecessary. With luck, no operation lasts more than a week. BBC makes it sound as though large numbers of Israelis are seeking refuge abroad whereas actually, alert as we are here to Muslim extremism, we may be safer than in many places including the US where, I understand, there is a law now against derogatory references to Muslims. I’ve given up on all thoughts of vacationing in Europe

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