2013 Global Forum on Antisemitism – NGO Monitor report

As we mentioned last week, the 2013 Global Forum on Antisemitism will be held between May 28th and 30th in Jerusalem. NGO Monitor has prepared an interesting paper for the occasion on the subject of the use of anti-Semitic themes and imagery by NGOs. 

With members of NGOs (sometimes identified as such and sometimes not) often being quoted and promoted by the BBC, the subject is of course especially relevant.

The report can be read here or in pdf format here


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  1. Why this fuss about the application of a DOUBLE STANDARD FOR ISRAEL: Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.

    Israel is responsible for some 30% of the World’s refugees and 80% of the most tragic cases, people who still cannot return to their homes after 5 years.

    In fact, Israel is presumably responsible for 100% of the refugees who are refused return by the government in power.

    Protesting such a highly destabilising and unjust and (as Jordan and many other nations can testify) dangerous situation is hardly a “double standard”!

    Its those who defend Israel which are operating a double standard.- particularly since the very same people insisted that Eastern Europeans must hand back the keys of properties squatted by the homeless in 1945 and castigating the governments involved for not granting vacant possession.

    • I didn;t know that 750,000 refugees is 30%of the World’s refugees. There were 850,000 jews refugees from arab countries . last time I checked 850,000 is more than 750,000 .

      • Israel is responsible for 31% of all the world’s refugees, 4.7 million out of 15.2 million according to http://www.unhcr.org/4a2fd52412d.html

        For the most tragic cases, those kept from their homes for over 5 years, it is 4.7 million of “at least” 5.7 million http://www.unhcr.org/4a2fd52412d.html

        Israel is the only government in the world which is, as policy, blocking people from returning to their homes. That’s not even the case in Chechnya or Tibet.

        Hence no double standard.

        Meanwhile, there are no official Jewish refugees, and there seem to be rather few claiming to have fled persecution (even from Egypt, where Israel used the Jews as fifth-columnists in a very nasty False Flag operation against the US and the UK). Large numbers of the Mizrahi reject being refugees, claiming to have moved “for love of Zion”. Many dark-skinned Iraqi Jews are (or were) bitter – towards the Zionists, who bombed them out of Baghdad and tricked them into giving up their citizenship.

        The Jews have also been repeatedly invited back by other Middle Eastern governments, offers that seem to have been insultingly rejected on their behalf.

        • There are no official Jewish refugees ? is that your exuse. . of course because all of them were absorb in Israel . I havent so many lies for a long time. Try findind out about Farahud massacare in Bagdad 1941.

          In a key address before the Political Committee of the U.N. General Assembly on November 14, 1947, just five days before that body voted on the partition plan for Palestine, Heykal Pasha, an Egyptian delegate, made the following key statement in connection with that plan:

          The United Nations . . . should not lose sight of the fact that the proposed solution might endanger a million Jews living in the Moslem countries. Partition of Palestine might create in those countries an anti-Semitism even more difficult to root out than the anti-Semitism which the Allies were trying to eradicate in Germany. . . If the United Nations decides to partition Palestine, it might be responsible for the massacre of a large number of Jews.
          Heykal Pasha then elaborated on his threat:

          A million Jews live in peace in Egypt [and other Muslim countries] and enjoy all rights of citizenship. They have no desire to emigrate to Palestine. However, if a Jewish State were established, nobody could prevent disorders. Riots would break out in Palestine, would spread through all the Arab states and might lead to a war between two races.1


          • Most of what was claimed by the hasbarists about the statements of Arab leaders from around that time is false, completely invented. There were no broadcasts telling the Palestinians to leave and except in a few cases (5 in total?), there were not even orders to withdraw from the onslaught of the heavily armed terrorists.

            If there were Jewish refugees, then you should tell us about them. There might have been a few, after all. Overwhelmingly they went to Israel of their own accord and in their own time. They’d not be refugees in anyone’s book.

            They’ve also been invited back to the countries they left, though those invitations were officially rejected, with prejudice.

          • That is nice Nick it seems you adopted arab Propoganda. I can sugest a site that have many links about this subject. http://jewishrefugees.blogspot.co.il/ YOu probably won;t use but who knows maybe. if you claime that everything on this site are lies than do provide us with proof that they are lies.
            Like this one
            alestinian Authority TV: Arab leaders forced Palestinians to become refugees

      • I’m still waiting for you to tell me how many of the Jews moving to Israel were forced from their homes, leaving everything behind.

        Though there were some, perhaps many, bad things happened (menfolk in Egypt thrown in jail etc) none of the Mizrahi ever claimed to be refugees. They left, for the most part, at a time of their own choosing, having settled their affairs. Many of them spent years settling their affairs and didn’t move until the mid-50s.

        If I don’t get an answer, I will assume that you’re simply in denial of this atrocity and the guaranteed right of the refugees to return to their homes.

        • How do you define people whose homes, assets and possessions are seized by government forces, after which – and with “no return” stamped in their passports are put on a boat taking them away from their country? This was the fate of my husband’s Egyptian family,

          I wouldn’t blame tamaralexa if she doesn’t respond to your comments, Few people have the time to teach history to people who either won’t research for themselves or who prefer “alternative” narratives,

          • What’s the date this happened? Where’s his contemporaneous account? Where’s his claim for property seized? Is his claim held with the UN or another body? Has the UN passed or been asked to pass a resolution recognising his claim? The very first person describing themselves as a Jewish refugee did not go to the UN until Israel was 60 years old.

            However, he may have evidence of all of those things, its possible that he would have been counted as a refugee – especially from Egypt, where Israel did some quite disgusting things in the name of the Jews, bombing US and UK facilities to try and get the Egyptians into really serious trouble. Talk about an antisemitic thing to do!

            How many are there in his position?

        • Nick:

          I have a friend who’s Jewish grandmother and her family were forced out of their Libyan (Tripoli) home at knifepoint, not long after the state of Israel was formed. Her family had been comfortably off in Libya, but all their assets and valuables were seized and they were allowed to take just a small suitcase of essentials each. Since she was already adult at the time, and it’s over 60 years ago, like many of these expelled Mizrahi Jews, she’s dead now, so we only have her previous verbal accounts to her children and grandchildren to go on.

          Once they reached Israel (the only place they could realistically go under the circumstances) Israel simply took them in, and they stoically got on with building a new life for themselves, under pretty tough conditions. What they didn’t do was to constantly whine to the rest of the world about their treatment for the next 60-odd years – but perhaps that was exactly where they went wrong…

          A few years ago (not too long before the onset of the ‘Arab Spring’) I dallied with the idea of a Mediterranean cruise. I saw a P&O cruise advertised in a UK paper – The Times, I think – which happened to have Tripoli on its itinerary. The advertisement clearly stipulated that this cruise was barred to Jews, on the grounds that Libya would not even allow Jews into its territorial waters – and if the ship attempted to dock in Libya with a Jew on board, even if this Jew was not to be allowed to disembark in Libya, the ship would be refused and turned away.

          I recently read a news report that a delegation of Americans, all of whom had been highly instrumental in providing the Libyans with military assistance in their overthrow of Gadaffi, were arranging to visit their supposed ‘allies’ in Libya – but nevertheless, Libya refused point blank to allow one of these Americans in – solely because he is Jewish, and nothwithstanding that he had been a key figure in arranging for western support during their uprising.

          You really think my friend’s family could now simply return to Libya? You really imagine they might actually want to?

          • I find it extraordinary that, with the highly literate population we’re talking about there seem to be no contemporaneous published accounts of attacks on Jews in Tunis or elsewhere. When the memory of the 1929 Hebron massacre (and even pre-revolutionary Russia pogroms) is so well recorded that seems rather extraordinary.

            Note – your family’s situation and that of the Jews Hebron may well be comparable for documentary purposes – the remainder of the population was abruptly withdrawn from Tunisia just as in Hebron. Now, the survival of the Hebron account is surely a powerful piece of Zionist propaganda, repeatedly brought out as proof of murderous antisemitism – how come your community’s suffering is not detailed? How come the Moroccan Jewish population had to be “ingathered” by Mossad agents – is it that in fact they were anti-Zionist, only more threats and bombing got them out? Its not as if the Moroccan Jews didn’t travel – at the base of the Western Wall there was a whole quarter (destroyed by the Zionists) dedicated to them.

            Nor is it the case that the much better known Hebron account properly demonstrates what is claimed – there is at least one account which entirely blames the Zionists and many which say the Jews had been living amongst the Arabs in almost total peace and security. Is that the situation of your family, forced out by fanatics who brought bombs and deliberately incited antisemitism?

            Checking the account of how the offers made by Arab governments were insultingly rejected at http://www.eretzyisroel.org/~jkatz/discredit.html I realise that Tunis is not one of them – 4 countries are mentioned, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan and Libya are quoted. However, I get the message – even 30 years after the event, Israel was determined that Jews not be welcomed back anywhere.

            You tell me that Jews are still banned from Tunisia – and that that statement was on a P&O advertisement in the UK – can we see it? Or does it reject Israelis/Zionists as caused such a hideous disaster (for both populations) in Baghdad and Egypt?

            I’ve come across situations like ours before – instead of getting answers to my (respectful, I trust) questions I get a blizzard of stone-walling and foul innuendo. I trust you’re in the business of bringing enlightenment on these matters – so many of your allies are plainly covering up for all kinds of really serious thuggery and fraudulent accusations of racism. Racism they’re much more guilty of themselves!

          • So according to Nick, Hebron massacare of 1929 is probalbly zionist propoganda. Farahud Bagdad 1941 at least 175 Jews were murderd I guess another zionsit propoganda. Jews livign like Dhimmi is 2nd rate citizents. While they fared better than most christian coutnries muslim had their fare of Massacare. burnign of Synagougs etc. The examples are many problem is if you want to belive them or not. Maimonides. sent in 1172 long before Herzel an Epistle to Yemen Jews who were then experiencing severe persecution at the hands of their Muslim rulers. In it, Maimonides describes his assessment of the treatment of the Jews at the hands of Muslims:
            … on account of our sins God has cast us into the midst of this people, the nation of Ishmael [that is, Muslims], who persecute us severely, and who devise ways to harm us and to debase us…. No nation has ever done more harm to Israel. None has matched it in debasing and humiliating us. None has been able to reduce us as they have…. We have borne their imposed degradation, their lies, their absurdities, which are beyond human power to bear…. We have done as our sages of blessed memory have instructed us, bearing the lies and absurdities of Ishmael…. In spite of all this, we are not spared from the ferocity of their wickedness and their outbursts at any time. On the contrary, the more we suffer and choose to conciliate them, the more they choose to act belligerently toward us. Look it up and tell me he was lying.
            By the way I guess this woman is alos a ziosnit agent.

            Allah willing you will massacare them like we massacared them in Hebron. I lived through the British era, and I lived through the massacre of the Jews in Hebron. We, the people of Hebron, massacred the Jews. My father massacred them, and brought back some stuff…

          • I’ve pointed out what most people from Hebron 1929 and East Jerusalem 1948 and Baghdad 1950 have said, the Jews tended to have prosperous lives and be well regarded. Some of them speak of feeling completely safe and never being warned not to go where they pleased.

            In all three places we know that Zionists arrived with bombs and in Baghdad those bombs were even used against the Jews. (In Egypt the bombs were used against US and UK facilities but one of the bombers was caught). In East Jerusalem and in Baghdad, the bombs were hidden in synagogues, only in Hebron was the local community leader strong enough to resist this – and then stupid enough to try and protect the bombers.

            In all three places, the Jews (remaining Jews, in Hebron’s case) were “evacuated”, they did not flee.

  2. Are you a bit simple, or something? Or can you simply not read properly? No-one mentioned Tunisia! (you do know where Libya / Tripoli actualy is, don’t you?) And as I stated, it wasn’t MY family that was affected: I’m not even Jewish, FF sake! And how do you expect me to now produce a holiday advertisment that was posted in a newspaper in about 2009? I do know what I read in it, though: It shocked me so much that P&O could impose such a racist ban, rather than just stop going to Tripoli and pandering to antisemitism, that I read the adert several times to make sure it really said what I thought it said! (Perhaps you should try that before you post next time, eh?) The ban wasn’t for Israelis: it was for Jews, and since the advert was in a British newspaper,for marketing the cruise to British holidaymakers, one assumes that the warning was for British Jews!

    you asy you’e confused why such people as my friend’s grandmother did not complain to the UN at the time. If your race had been subjected to repeated pogroms and persecution for a couple of thousand years, and no-one else had given a c**p, and had just come out of the Holocaust which the other nations were aware of but did precious little to prevent, would you see any point in titting about with the UN at this point? Even when you had actually ended up being taken in somewhere you thought your race could now finally be safe? And how how would you even get your complaint to them from a tented refugee camp in the middle of a desert, and no money to do anything with? Unless their new country encouraged and assisted them in making such a complaint, most people, particularly in the late 1940s, would just get on and make the best of what you now had, just like my friend’s Grandmother did.

    • You’ve now repeated what you said before, that a top British newspaper carried an advertisement that says “No Jews” in regard to travel to Libya (not Tunis as I thought).

      But no copy of that advertisement was kept by anyone and no complaint was ever made against the newspaper. Hmmmm.

      Meanwhile, I’m led to understand that Major Abdul-Huni, Council Commanding the Libyan Revolution, spoke to ex-Libyan Jews in Italy on May 29, 1970 and invited them back.

      Similarly, Colonel Gaddafi invited former Libyan Jews living in Israel to return on November 24, 1973.

      In 1975, the Iraqi government placed advertisements in the New York Times, Le Monde and the Toronto Star stating in bold letters that Iraqi Jews were “invited to return to Iraq.”

      • Of course I repeated it – because it’s the truth! I do know what I read! The very reason it has stuck in my mind for 4 years is precisely because I found the ban, esp. by what I thought then was a British Company, shocking. (I’ve since found out they’re American owned – not that that makes it any better.) It made me decide there and then never to go on any P&O cruise, ever! If you doubt my word, please feel free to write to P&O: I’m sure they’ll be able to confirm the Libyan stance on Jews aboard Libya-bound cruise ships around 2009.

        And how do you explain away the recent (last few weeks) refusal of the Libyan authorities to admit into Libya one single American Jew, proposing to arrive as part of a delegation of their most significant American supporter – people without whom they may never have received the military support that enabled them to overthrow Gadaffi, and would most likely have died a miserable death instead by now – simply because he is Jewish?:

        Or this?:

        If any ex-Libyan Jews currently living in Israel did actually dare to try a permanent return to Libya, even now, post-Gadaffi, how long do you think they might last? I estimate they’d be lucky to see a fortnight out, even if they kept themselves so low profile that they hid up a drain, like Gadaffi himself!.

        • I find it most extraordinary that an advertisement in the Times of London, 4 years ago, said “No Jews” on a cruise to Libya.

          Even more extraordinary that there is no image of this ad appearing on any blog or newspaper headline anywhere in the world.

          However, the fact that BHL and the brave David Gerbi are not safe in Libya currently is not too surprising, few foreigners and no locals are safe. Foreign interference in Libya may have made the country a much better place, but that’s not the news I’m seeing. A lot of Libyans may well think the influence of foreigners is all bad and not want Sarkozy either.

          Sarkozy visited for a few hours in March and “It had been suggested earlier that the philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, who played a significant role in initially getting France to support the rebels during the revolution, would accompany Sarkozy tomorrow. He will not be coming” according to the Libyan Herald – maybe he’s criticised them or made demands they’re not prepared to accept. Maybe they don’t trust him to stick to their restrictive itinerary, maybe its intended as a snub to Sarkozy. But it might have been Sarkozy’s wish that he be the only honoured guest that day.

          I’d be keen to learn more about the disturbances of 1945 and 1948 in Libya – did the Zionists store bombs in the synagogues there as well? Were they used on foreigners, as in Egypt, or on the Jews themselves as in Baghdad? To ignore the terrorism of the Zionists is a huge mistake and gravely unfair on their victims (amongst whom there are many Jews).

          How many other Libyans were made slave labourers by the Nazis – did 80% of those survive the war too? I can well believe that minorities were singled out – but it was most certainly not only a Jewish problem!

          There’s a lot else I don’t know – why was Mussolini so friendly with the Zionists in 1935, why did relations then cool? That sounds like normal human and international relationships, it doesn’t sound like anti-semitism (though we know Mussolini passed some of the same laws as Hitler).

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