The return of a BBC featured hunger striker

Readers no doubt remember that just three months ago BBC journalists produced several articles on the subject of Palestinian prisoners who were at the time on hunger strike.

Those BBC reports systematically omitted relevant information regarding the terrorist activities which were the cause of the men’s imprisonment. An article from February 18th 2103 merely stated:

“One, Samer Issawi, has been on an intermittent protest for 200 days and is said to be in a critical condition.

The three other hunger strikers are Tariq Qaadan, Jafar Ezzedine and Ayman Sharawna.”

Another report – by the BBC Jerusalem Bureau’s Yolande Knell, dated February 28th 2013 stated:

“Two others, Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawna, are still on hunger strike and are being observed in hospital.”

As BBC Watch reported at the time:

“Ayman Sharawna, from Dura near Hebron, was also released under the Shalit deal in October 2011, by which time he had served ten years of a 38 year sentence for attempted murder and bomb-making. Sharawna is a member of the Hebron branch of Hamas and was rearrested on January 31st 2012 due to violating of the terms of his release by returning to Hamas activities. Shawarna was originally apprehended on May 10th 2002 when he and another terrorist planted an explosive device near a branch of Bank HaPoalim on HaAtzmaout Street in Be’er Sheva. The device malfunctioned, but despite that eighteen people were injured in the attack. Sharawna and his accomplice were caught fleeing the scene by members of the public and he was also found to have taken part in prior shooting attacks during the second Intifada.” 

In March Ayman Sharawna agreed to be exiled to the Gaza Strip for ten years in return for his release from prison. Two months on, he is to be found yet again engaged in activities with the terrorist organisation Hamas, as shown in footage obtained by Israel’s Channel 2 TV station. שראונה, כפי שנראה בסרטון

“In the clip, shown on Channel 2 News Tuesday (Hebrew), Sharawneh [also Sharawna] can be seen donning combat fatigues and lacing up his boots before taking up a rifle and joining a patrol of Hamas’s military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, along the Strip’s border with Israel.

“Our message to the occupiers is clear,” Sharawneh says to the camera. “We are here to protect our land.”

Sharawneh is shown joining a briefing with several heavily armed Hamas fighters and then posing as he aims a rifle from behind the cover of a tree.

“We will liberate al-Aksa (the Temple Mount) and the West Bank,” he continues. “All of Palestine, from the [Mediterranean] sea to the [Jordan] river, will be liberated, and we will release our brothers, the prisoners.” “

Just as it did not trouble audiences with the details of his original engagement in terrorism, there is little reason to anticipate any reporting by the BBC on the subject of Sharawna’s latest activities. BBC licence fee payers, however, might be wondering why – yet again – they are not being told the whole story. 

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  1. The Palestinians were just deserters. The real refugees were the Jews who had lived in ten Arab countries for up to 2600 years; their vast lands were stolen, and they were expelled when the Israelis beat five invading Arab armies in 1948. The Arabs called on the Palestinians to flee and we call them deserters just like the Royalist sympathizers during the American Revolutionary war who fled to Canada. Don’t call a deserter a refugee. It’s a dishonor to all refugees. The Royalists were permanently exiled. They were deserters and so are the Palestinian Arabs.

    • Not even your own right-wing historians perpetrate this shocking peace of denial any more.

      When denial (or even questioning details about) the suffering of the Jews is so offensive as to amount to blasphemy it seems weird indeed that you’d abuse history in such a gross and offensive way.

      • There’s no question but that we should have treated the Arabs who remained with all kindness possible which we did not. More is the shame. For the others, you might find any of the recent volumes of Andrew Bostom very useful in his careful documentation of Jewish life in the Arab countries through the ages.

        • I trust you’re not in denial of the atrocities perpetrated on the Palestinians and the quite shocking cover up of it that continues to this day.

          I trust you also insist that those Palestinians have a legal and moral right to return to their homes and land, and that “negotiating” with collaborators such as Abbas is pointless – he cannot barter away their birth-right.

          Which book of Andrew Bostoms are you thinking of? Is it “Sharia Versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism”, 2012? Would I look at the work of an author who wrote about “Judaic Totalitarianism”?

          More and more I wonder why there seem to be no contemporaneous accounts of the Jews leaving Middle Eastern countries. In Baghdad we know they were bombed, in Egypt antisemitism was incited against them by some of their number being paid by Israel to bomb UK and US assets. Everywhere they were “ingathered” and almost none of them ever claimed to be refugees or went to International bodies to try and get their property returned. Strange that.

  2. “They were deserters and so are the Palestinian Arabs.”

    Yeah, sure. The Palestinians ‘deserted’ from Zionist massacres and threats of massacres.

    • Zionist massacare ? Ha you mean this one

      Hazem Nusseibeh, a member of one of Jerusalem’s most prominent Arab families. In 1948 he was an editor of the Palestine Broadcasting Service’s Arabic news.

      In an nterview to the BBC in 1998 he admits that in 1948 he was instructed by Hussein Khalidi, a prominent Palestinian Arab leader, to fabricate claims of atrocities at Deir Yassin in order to encourage Arab regimes to invade the expected Jewish state.

      He said “this was our biggest mistake”, because Palestinians fled in terror and left the country in huge numbers after hearing the atrocity claims.

      • There were five Arab armies. The Jordanian army was equipped, trained and led by the British, yet the Palestinian Arabs fled. The Arabs instituted massacres repeatedly during the Mandate. They are great bullies and during the ’56 Campaign, the Egyptian troops fled barefoot discarding their boots and equipment so that it took Israel weeks to collect all their Sinai litter. The Arabs are bullies and bullies are invariably really cowards. It’ll taken them a while to join the human race. Imagine eating your enemies’ lungs or heart and without salt or pepper! Argh!

        • The Jordanians were in league with Israel. Jerusalem would be divided between them, a plan formulated in 1937 when the Peel Commission was negotiating with the Zionists. (The Palestinians were boycotting all attempts at further progress towards making “Palestine as Jewish as France is French”).

          In the event, the Zionists broke the Jerusalem agreement and tried to seize the Eastern portion of Jerusalem as well. At which, even the Jordanian King (whose father was buried there) was a bit queasy and his forces seem to have decided for themselves to stand firm against the pogromists. The Jordanian forces presently seized the large quantities of arms there had been hidden in the synagogues. The two caches of such arms in the Old City’s Hurva synagogue were specifically for the purposes of terrorism, one for Lehi and one for Etzel.

          More on the subject of the terrorists using synagotues is at – even a plaque celebrating it.

          Also worth checking out – the terrorists taking bombs to Hebron in 1929 (and being both resisted and protected by the Jewish community there) seems to have played a central part in the sad massacre of the Jews. In both Hebron and Jerusalem the Zionists insisted that all Jews be evacuated. As they did everywhere else, trashing (and then destroying the culture of) every last one of the world’s oldest Jewish communities – and then blaming others for doing it.

          • Amazing, just f’-in amazing…
            You, the Arabs, slaughter 67 Jews — Women and children in Hebron, 1929 — truly one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world; on account of a malicious and fictitious rumour, And YOU blame the Zionists?!.
            Is there an end to your sick psychological contortions?
            Of course not — you’re disgusting Fascist scum…

          • Nothing malicious or fictitious about the fact that the Zionists went to places like Hebron and Jerusalem (and Baghdad) and demanded of Jews living there that they be allowed to store their arms there. Given their well-developed reputation for violence, in many places they were allowed to do it.

            In Hebraon they were refused – but the locals knew what they were up to and sought out the terrorists. Rabbi Slonim Dwek, in an extraordinary act of misplaced courage, tried to protect the terrorists from the mob.

            He didn’t die because he was a Jew, far from it, he died because of his own stupidity.

            At least 19 other Hebron families protected 100s of other Jews from the mob – but even such a noble effort didn’t protect them from the utterly misplace wrath of the Zionists. At least one of the homes which sheltered Jews has since been seized by settlers and is used as a nursery.

          • I would laugh, I really would, if I weren’t absolutely convinced that you actually believe, that if Jews are killed anywhere — because they’re Jews, it’s the “Zionist’s” fault.
            Like I said, you’re a twisted anti-Semite.
            But there’s more to your depravity: not content with seeing the blood of those poor Jewish slop from your knives and axes, not sufficiently blitheful with countless lootings, and rapes you’ve committed in Hebron — you’re now here to evoke that ancient anti-Semitic lore: It’s really all the Jews’ fault; yes, even if it’s the Jews that are killed.
            Funny how you rail against “Zionist violence”, when, until a certain turning point — when the Jews have had enough of your butchering them, and maiming them and their children — it was all Arab violence that had plagued the land.
            Since then, you’ve lost, time after time.
            And now you’re here to whine that your genocidal project against the Jews didn’t reach fruition.
            One hopes you would eventually learn your lesson. But then one overestimates your ability to learn, anything.

    • Not only do we have ample evidence of such massacres, but there are obviously many more from 1948 that Israel is still busy covering up.

      Can you imagine the outrage there’d be if historians travelled to Germany, found proof of further murders of Nazis (photographs etc) and refused to let anyone see them?

      And yet that is what Israel does now, refusing to hand over the pictures of Deir Yassin! Initially embargoed for 50 years (why?) when a historian sought to see them they were hastily re-embargoed indefinitely. There’s also Me’ir Pail’s report which he’s unable to see and never spoke about for 30 or 40 years. Why can’t we know the truth, why is there no memorial at Deir Yassin, just 800 yards from Yad Vashem?

      The result of this coverup is that we’ve spent 65 years wondering why the observers at Deir Yassin counted 254 bodies but the Israelis insist it was only 107 – while Israel sits on at least some of the evidence. (There are also thought to be bodies buried in a ravine nearby and covered with rubbish).

      Who are we going to believe, the official Israeli story or common sense?

    • “In this instance, I’m not sure that I would necessarily believe either story.”

      But you’d prosecute for blasphemy anyone denying the suffering of the Jews in the Holocaust.

      Because, of course, to question a survivor’s testimony, to denounce the role of Jewish collaborators, to suggest that Germans suffered during the bombing of Dresden or that any state except Germany committed crimes in World War II – this is all evidence of Holocaust denial, according to Deborah Lipstadt, Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory University. [“Denying the Holocaust”, several times p.6, 12, 22, 89-90.]

      Elie Wiesel goes even further – to suggest that he has profited from the Holocaust industry, or even to question him, amounts to Holocaust denial. [Wiesel, “All Rivers” p.333, 336.]

      So how come you feel comfortable questioning the claims of Palestinians?

      • Okay, enough is enough…
        Will someone get this anti-Semitic prick banned, already?!

      • And by the third day I’ve finally relises that you’re not a Palestinian, as I first assumed, but plain-and-simple neo-nazi antisemitic scum.

      • I use a tattered copy of Maurice M. Roumani’s 1983 WOJAC The case of the Jews from Arab Countries: a Neglected issue. It has a rich bibliography. There’s a rivalry and prejudice among some Jews, the Ashkenazim vs the Mizrahim which precludes your hearing much about the sordid treatment of Jews in Arab countries. Israel’s UN ambassador brought it up at the UN April, 2012 and it will be pursued. See JJAC. The 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries now constitute more than half of the Jewish population of Israel. They are in some cases an ethnic link between the Jews and Arabs having been in the Arab world for up to 2600 years. The Arab governments that expelled them, destroyed most of the documents and it has been slow trying to gather valid documents, but the understanding is that the Arabs in ten countries stole lands from the Jews equivalent to five Israels. I’m not arguing with you. Each of us arranges the data to make our point.

        • WOJAC was founded in 1975 by Yaakov Meron of the Arab legal affairs dept. His claims infuriated many supposed refugees, or descendants thereof.

          It received some money from Israel but was shut down and Yaakov Meron got rid of in 2000/2001.

          Meanwhile, the Palestinian case for immediate return and restititution was put to the world and overwhelmingly accepted in 1949 and the UN has good and very extensive records of what was stolen in 1948.

          There must surely be property lost by Jews in parts of the Middle East – but most such refugees settled their affairs first and left at a time of their own choosing. They were not refugees and its insulting them and real suffering people to claim that they were.

          • I repeat, the Pal saga was contrived with malice aforethought beginning in 1902. To say that an Arab refugee is one who was resident at least the prior two years (1946-48) is a masterful hoax. You are comparing Jews who lived in what we call the Arab world, long before there were any Arabs and comparing them with the thousands of Arabs hired as British Mandatory casual labor! Jews expelled from Arab countries, frequently on the occasion of massacres, were variously required to sign away their citizenship and their assets for pennies on the dollar, if at all. Documents were destroyed, but many have been ferreted out or are being reconstructed. There is a somewhat arrogant regard toward the Mizrahim and alas, the Ashkenazi government has never seen them as a priority. But in each of the ten Arab countries there are Jewish refugee accounts to settle far, far greater than any claims of the Palestinian Arab “deserters”. This is my last reply.

          • People keep insisting that there were 850,000 refugees when its rubbish. Overwhelmingly, those people chose to leave their countries and they did it at a time of their own choosing. The pressure on many of them (eg all the Iraqis and all the Moroccans) entirely came from the Zionists. The pressure on others (Egyptians) was brought about by Israel.

            Furthermore, “return” was a complete non-issue for 30 years and has been abandoned again, it really is dumb to bring up now and claim its a serious issue.

          • What was accepted was that refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date.
            First they should show wanting to live in peace. Killing Israelis since the 48 war ended by fedayeen is not an example of wanting to live in peace.

  3. Two earlier books by Dr. Bostum are roughly 65-70% reproductions of contemporary proclamations and edicts. I just learned today that in many cases Jews were in some lands even before the Arabs and yet eventually fell victim to Arab depredations.

    • Andrew Bostom (note spelling) wrote “Sharia Versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism”, 2012.

      Would I trust a book by an author who wrote about “Judaic Totalitarianism”?

      If not, why are you trusting Bostom, who sounds like an Islamophobe?

    • I can’t show you quoting from any source bcause you don;t provide any. However what you wrote about Iraq Jews and the zionist being white people is quiet enough to show you for the antisemite you are.

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