An interview BBC audiences will not see

The video below (starting at 09:00) is from a recent episode of the ‘Understanding the World’ internet programme in which Rabbi David Kaufman talks to Israeli diplomat Ishmael Khaldi (author of the book ‘A Shepherd’s Journey: the story of Israel’s first Bedouin diplomat) about a wide variety of issues including the Arab community in Israel and anti-Israel activity in Britain, where Mr Khaldi is currently based.  

The interview can also be heard as a podcast here

2 comments on “An interview BBC audiences will not see

  1. On the BBC a few minutes ago was a commentator (may have been David Aaranovitch) was chastising Russia for vetoing UN resolutions and arming the Syrians. Every word he said could be applied much more relevantly to the US conduct over Israel.

    Meanwhile, also on the BBC a few minutes ago, they’re telling us what an appalling mess we’ve helped create in Libya.

    Elsewhere, there are glimpses of the shocking state in which we’ve left Iraq.

    Even the very dangerous condition in which we left Korea comes up on the news regularly.

    And the BBC still gives air-time to people urging the start of WW3, an attack on Iran.

    It is indeed a good thing this web-site is provided to point out the sheer irresponsibility of so much of what the BBC broadcasts.

  2. Nick is quite the accomplished racist – all the third-world’s problems are the fault of Americans, British, or Jews, never the fault of the third world itself.

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