Another capital offence at the BBC?

Less than a year after the BBC website’s sports section wiped Israel’s capital city off the map in its Olympics coverage  (whilst simultaneously channelling its inner Sykes-Picot and allocating “East Jerusalem” to “Palestine”) and almost seven months since the operator of the BBC News Twitter account relocated Israel’s capital to the Mediterranean coast, it seems that the BBC is at it again. 

Tweet TA

The programme concerned is BBC Radio 5’s ‘Five Live Sport on Saturday, June 8th 2013. Readers with access to BBC iPlayer can hear the broadcast here

5 live sport 8 6

So here’s a reminder to Darren Fletcher and the rest of the Five Live Sport team from the Mayor of Tel Aviv:

And here’s another from the UK’s Press Complaints Commission:


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  1. I’m amused at the thought of 100+ nations having their embassies in the Old City of Jerusalem for the Palestinians. Not enough room! Israel, long ago, began extending Jerusalem far beyond the Old City where its capital now is: knesset, etc

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