BBC gets it right – on matkot and Waze

Proving once again that it can produce accurate and impartial reporting about Israel when it wants to, the BBC recently published an article by technology reporter Katia Moskvitch  on the subject of Google’s acquisition of the Israeli company ‘Waze’ for a reported $1.3 billion. Also worth reading is Moskvitch’s 2011 report entitled “How Israel turned itself into a high-tech hub“.


 And then we have Yolande Knell’s engaging cameo of the world of ‘matkot’, which rightly received a lot of positive feedback on Twitter.


As we have noted before:

“Now of course none of these reports relates to ‘the conflict’, and so in these cases the BBC apparently does not feel the need to go beyond reporting news, but also to shape audience perception of it. But nevertheless these reports indicate that the BBC can report on Israel in a professional manner when it chooses to do so.”

Let’s hope to see more of this kind of accurate, impartial and – no less importantly – interesting reporting in the future. 


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  1. I am a lot more cynical about that matkot report than you – check out the two words either side of “Israel” in the headline. Not the only unsympathetic words used in this piece. That said, Alon’s pecs will have done more for Israel than any amount of regular hasbara. ;o)

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