The Naked (BBC Middle East Editor) Chef

Anyone following the BBC’s Middle East Editor on Twitter cannot help but have noticed lately that he seems to be angling for his own cookery show. 

food 12

food 9

food 7

food 5

food 2

food 1

And there’s plenty more where that came from.

So go on, BBC programming: do him (and us) a favour – give the man a foodie slot. 


4 comments on “The Naked (BBC Middle East Editor) Chef

  1. Surely Jeremy should be sent to Syria to give this rebel cannibal a cookery lesson:

    • Possibly Jeremy could present his own programme from a newly established Syria bureau, entitled “Cannibal Cookery with Jeremy”, in which he could re-write his assinine comments like “the most garlicky foul I’ve had in a while” as “the most piquant person I’ve parboiled personally.”

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