A quiz for BBC journalists and editors

Seeing as BBC journalists are rather fond of telling their audiences what is or is not legal according to international law – at least in relation to Israel – they will surely all get top marks in this quiz on the subject of the application of international humanitarian law during wartime over on the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs website.


The same website has a large collection of essays on various aspects of international law which readers may find interesting and useful.

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11 comments on “A quiz for BBC journalists and editors

  1. Last night on the BBC news there was a sensitive and beautifully observed film about Jewish children escaping from the Nazis.I thought it might be mentioned here

    • The likes of you and the BBC love Jews as victims. What you and the BBC don’t like is the idea of Jews defending themselves in their eternal homeland.

      • ” The likes of you and the BBC love Jews as victims ”

        Why .its like you can see right through me. You seem to know so much from a line. You are either a total genius or a hapless moron. I keep on thinking it is the latter but I will be fair and ask your opinion.

    • I’m looking forward to watch on the BBC the sensitive and beautifully observed film about the thousands of Jewish children who died as a consequence of the British denial of entry for Jewish refugees to England/Palestine from Nazi occupied Europe and Germany. The film should include archived recordings about the HMS Dunera and the Nazi-like behavior of its staff dealing with alien Jews.

    • Well genius — did you happen to miss the banner reading: “Monitoring BBC coverage of Israel…”?

  2. Biodegradable’s absolutely right.

    The BBC just loves dead Jews – they’ll do endless stuff on the Holocaust, the Battle of Cable Street, the Kindertransport, you name it, at the drop of a hat.

    It’s just those pesky modern, live Jews they really can’t stand.

  3. its the only comon thing in islam and christianity.
    both love dead jews. in every church youll
    see one krucified and for muslims kaybar
    is big heroism not terorism. 🙄

    xyz (from germany)

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