More BBC coverage of Middle East reality TV

Whether they know it or not, it seems that BBC audiences are currently undergoing a crash course on the subject of Middle East reality TV.

Hot on the heels of her very extensive coverage of the ‘Arab Idol’ talent show, the BBC Jerusalem Bureau’s Yolande Knell now brings audiences news about The President.

No – this is not an in-depth profile of Mahmoud Abbas, but a filmed report broadcast on BBC television news (and also featured on the Middle East page of the BBC News website) about a Palestinian reality show of that name.

Reality show Knell

Knell’s report features sound-bites such as:

“There are stalled peace talks with Israel and there’s still not an internationally recognised Palestinian state.”

The contest’s winner is showcased saying:

“I want to send a message to all the world. The people of Palestine need to live in the Palestinian state independence [sic] like the other countries and stop the occupation in this land.”

And whilst Knell mentions that “in twenty years, Palestinians have only ever had two presidential polls”, she does not bother to inform her audiences why that is the case.  

Such trite subject matter, especially when used as a vehicle for the promotion of dumbed-down context-free slogans, cannot be said to contribute to the meeting the BBC’s self-defined public purpose of enhancing ‘global outlook’.

6 comments on “More BBC coverage of Middle East reality TV

  1. The BBC intention is quite transparent: portray Gaza as a normal, Western-style society by placing great emphasis on shows like this while largely ignoring the grim reality of life under the boot of Islamic fundamentalists.

    While Gazans were celebrating the new ‘Arab Idol,’ Hamas murdered two of them in the streets as “collaborators.”

    The BBC doesn’t want anyone to know about this. But of course the BBC strains at the leash to be present at the execution of convicted killers in the US.

    The BBC is a news-laundering outfit and it should be broken up and flushed down the loo.

  2. Jordan AND Israel were supposed to be a Jewish state. Jordan itself is much larger than Israel and is welcome to build an Arab state there. There never was any contemplation of a state called Palestine until murmurs of 1964. Israel is NOT going to self-destruct by dividing itself up. Israel can provide Jordan with gas and a trucking passage way through Israel to Haifa, etc but it doesn’t have to commit suicide. It’s marvelous that Abbas has painted himself into a corner and after all his posturing and declarations, the street will not let him compromise

  3. “Hot on the heels of her very extensive coverage , the BBC l now brings audiences news about The President. ”

    The IP conflict is the most protracted and important in the world nearly leading to WW3 on at least one occasion that we know about. At present there is turmoil in Turkey, Egypt , Syria and Iran is still threatened.

    Are you seriously suggesting an interview with an important player is evidence enough to get the ol’ anti semite detecting meter out? There is a danger here of looking as if you have to post an article as it is a slow month.

  4. @ Rosco Burns.
    Once again, I cannot follow your logic. While I agree the IP conflict has been protracted, please explain why you feel it is “the most important (conflict) in the world”, and why you believe it to be the underlying cause of the current turmoil in Turkey, Egypt and / or Syria (You might like to consider that the common concensus among ME experts is that the current turmoil in these countries is actually about their respective current internal governance issues) – or even Iran (You do know, don’t you, that it’s not just Israel that feels threatened by Iranian nuclear aspirations?)
    And I’m also very curious to learn how it has “nearly lead to WW3 on at least one occasion”.

    As for your statement that the BBC held ‘an interview with an important player’ here, did you actually READ the above article before you posted? Regarding the BBC Broadcast under scrutiny, the above article clearly says : “THIS IS NOT AN IN-DEPTH PROFILE OF MAHMOUD ABBAS, but a filmed report broadcast on BBC television news (and also featured on the Middle East page of the BBC News website) ABOUT A PALESTINIAN TV REALITY SHOW” (emphasis mine) – which happens to be named ‘The President’. Do you seriously think a report about a TV reality show in a country 4000 miles away is so important that it warrants a filmed report on the BBC news and also a feature in the BBC news website??

    I’m beginning to think you suffer from paranoid delusions related to the IP conflict! (You are taking your meds, aren’t you?)

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