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On the night between June 27th and 28th 2013 the ‘White Night’ festival took place in Tel Aviv. This annual event – held on the last Thursday in June – commemorates the 2003 UNESCO recognition of the White City – the Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv – as a World Heritage Site. As readers can probably imagine, the wide range of cultural events provided a rich source of inspiration for photographers, both professional and amateur. 

The BBC News website’s ‘Day in Pictures’ feature for June 28th 2013 included one photograph from Israel, but it was not of the White Night festival.  

Day in pictures 28 6

The caption reads:

“An Israeli Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter launches anti-missile flares during an air show at the graduation ceremony of Israeli air force pilots at the Hatzerim base in the Negev desert.”

Indeed, the latest batch of Israel Air Force pilots graduated on June 28th.  Whilst the photographic potential of that event is of course limited by the necessity to conceal the identities of the new pilots, nevertheless pictures of the people at the centre of that story do exist – as shown on the IDF’s Facebook account and among the other pictures taken by the same AFP photographer on the same day. 

קורס טייס

קורס טייס 2

קורס טייס 3

Interesting editorial choices yet again from the BBC Picture Editor. 

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10 comments on “Images of Israel – BBC style

  1. “Interesting editorial choices ”

    Interesting choice of words. If the pictures make Israel look a little Hawkish well we have had 3 separate avoidable wars recently that kind of proves the point.

    • Surely true. ‘We’ could have allowed Hamas to continue to bomb Sderot and the western Negev civilians on a ratio of increasing frequency without challenging them.

      It is clearly Roscoe’s opinion that it is most unreasonable of Israel to attempt to halt their campaign to ‘drive them out’ by attacking back.

      • Rosco is correct germolene, the 3 wars could have been avoided by Israel. In 2006 we should have allowed the Hezb’allah to launch thousands of more rockets on Israel, in 2008 and 2012 we reacted viciously to the bombardement of Sderot we should have asked politely for a ceasefire and to propose a collective suicideof all Jews in order to avoid the unnecessary bloodshed.

  2. ” It is clearly Roscoe’s opinion ”

    When I was a kid it was customary to wait till you heard what someone’s opinion was before you told them what they were about to say.

    ” attacking back. ”

    This is also known as proportionate preemptive attack back and casualties are known as unavoidably attacked back “civilians” .

    I repeat my point. Why is it surprising that Israel is seen to have a gung ho powerful airforce when they show their mettle so often. Those homes don’t obliterate themselves you know.

  3. Israeli authorities demolish houses after years of legal procedure. The media prove their bias by failing to report this.

  4. “Israeli authorities demolish houses after years of legal procedure. The media prove their bias by failing to report this. ”

    Demolishing homes is such a barbaric act . On the bourgeois scale of neurosis moving home is the third worst thing ..imagine having it demolished , the impact on your kids ,your future… ” but its all legal ” ??? ..its like Boss Hogg is in charge.

    • @rosco burns.
      Apparently, you still ARE a kid – or somehow otherwise mentally undeveloped: your capacity for logical thinking appears to lie at a similar level to that of a fairly young child.

      Clearly, using logical thinking, one cannot criticise the IDF for incurring collateral damage in targetting terrorist activity and infrastructure – particularly when such instances have been at demonstrably LOWER levels than that incurred by other modern armies during their recent conflicts, and this DESPITE the high population density of Gaza and also the propensity for Gazan terrorists to deliberately operate out of their own civilian areas and use their own civilians as human shields – whilst also criticising the Israeli army for counter-attacking when these same terrorists deliberately choose EXCLUSIVELY civilian targets in Israel!

      Unless, of course, you’re a complete idiot, and a fecking hypocrite…..

      • Unless, of course, you’re a complete idiot, and a fecking hypocrite
        I think you might have identified the problem.

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