Ninth BBC report on ME TV reality shows in sixteen days

Having already been treated to Yolande Knell’s filmed report on the subject of the Palestinian reality TV show entitled ‘The President’, BBC audiences could also read the written version, which appeared in the ‘Features & Analysis’ section of the BBC News website’s Middle East page.

virtual president hp

'The President' show written

Knell fails to add any significant context to her written version of the report, making use of sound bites such as:

“In real life the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has to contend with a financial crisis, internal political divisions and stalled peace talks with Israel.

Twenty years after the Oslo peace accords were signed there is still not an independent Palestinian state.”

Once again Knell mentions the fact that the Palestinian people have not been able to properly exercise their democratic right to vote for their leaders, but her focus on the seven year-old Hamas/PA rift as an explanation for that fails to give audiences the whole picture, neglecting to note that no elections were held between January 1996 and January 2005 either.

“In 20 years of limited self-rule, Palestinians have had just two presidential polls. The current president Mahmoud Abbas is 78 and remains in office several years after his term expired.

While the Arab uprisings have removed many long-time regional leaders, the Palestinians are stuck in a political limbo.

The rift between the main political factions: Fatah which rules parts of the West Bank, and Hamas, which governs Gaza, has prevented new elections.”

Neither does Knell bother to inform her audience of the real significance of the fact that the PA’s most senior official holds no legitimate elected mandate on the lives of the Palestinian people, as well as issue of the “stalled peace talks”. 

“President Abbas has become the president of everything related to the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause, complained Sufyan Abu Zayda, a senior representative of Abbas’s Fatah faction. He is the head of the PLO, President of Palestine, President of the Palestinian Authority, head of Fatah, and commander of the Palestinian Authority security forces.

Moreover, in the absence of a functioning Palestinian parliament, Abbas has taken it upon himself to issue his own laws.”

“The growing resentment about Abbas’s autocratic regime and refusal to share powers and plans with other Palestinians cast doubt on his ability to win the support of a majority of Palestinians for resuming peace talks, let alone signing a peace treaty with Israel.”

Knell could have used this opportunity to write an in-depth article about the lack of democracy within the Palestinian Authority (and its Western donors’ long-standing casual indifference towards the repeated suspension of the democratic rights of the Palestinian people) which would actually have contributed to her audiences’ knowledge of the region and hence merited inclusion under the title ‘Features & Analysis’.

Instead, consumers of BBC news have to make do once again with a tabloid-style piece about a Middle East TV reality show – the ninth such item produced by Yolande Knell and the BBC in sixteen days.

5 comments on “Ninth BBC report on ME TV reality shows in sixteen days

  1. Anyone stuck in seventh century confabulations cannot possibly be ready for democracy. Anyone who thrives on a delusional pattern of lying is beyond all hope now or ever.

  2. “Knell could have used this opportunity to write an in-depth article about the lack of democracy within the Palestinian Authority ”

    Yes that what the Palestinians problem is.. their government…not 40 years of humiliation , living in poverty, no power, few overseas friends , being blamed for the mess.

    There would be issues about that as well as they would have to start looking at targeting and jailing of politicians, settlements, land ,wall etc etc etc

    Be careful about what you wish for.

  3. Duvidl supposes Propagande Yolande cannot be bothered to nip across the Philadelphia corridor from Gaza to Egypt to do some real TV journalism on the horrors there, lest she meet with the awful fate of this proper Dutch lady journalist. Duvidl remembers another lady journalist was raped there during the previous protests when Morsi came to power.

    Surely Showbiz Yolande is simply incapable of doing the job required of any Middle East reporter among Arab barbarians and should be moved on to Pakistan to give cry-baby-(about terror chief Arafat’s death)-Barbara Plett: a break. Oops: Duvidl forgot about the fate of lady politician Benazir Bhutto there::

    • The link you sent had a giant advert for Glenn Beck tickets . I was not able to read about the poor woman for being distracted by an airbrushed Glenn who looked as good as he was at 23 but still pretty gruesome for a normal looking chap.

      Is there another link that isnt from a Disney site?

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